The sexret


I remember everything about us

The first time we saw each other our knees got weak and we felt butterflies in out stomach.

The first time we touched it was like electricity.

The first time we kissed we felt sparks.

Our first time was amazing.

No one must never know


2. ch. 2

Me: oh no.

I mutter grabbing my clothes and running to the restroom while Niall stays out there getting dressed.

Suddenly I hear the door rattle.

Niall: coming!

I hear Niall say as I hear the door unlatch and open.

Luke: hey Niall.

Niall: hey Luke. What's up?

Luke: nothing. Why are y'all up here? And where's Abby?

Niall: oh Abby...she's in the restroom.

Luke: okay? But why are y'all up here?

I finish dressing and move my hair to cover the hickey Niall left me.

I walk out and smile.

Me: Luke!

I yell running and hugging him tightly. He smiles and hugs me back wrapping his arms around my back lifting me off the ground.

After about 10 seconds he puts me down.

Luke: get your stuff and met me in the car.

He says leaving and waiting outside in his car.

Niall: that was close.

Me: I know. I didn't expect his gig to end early.

Niall: me either. Well me and the lads are coming over at 8:30 so we can do it then. Besides him and the lads are gonna be drunk anyways.

He says putting his arms on my back. I smile and wrap my arm around his neck

Me: okay. I'll see you then.

Niall: later babe.

He says pecking my lips. I smile, go downstairs, grab my backpack and go into Luke's car.

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