The sexret


I remember everything about us

The first time we saw each other our knees got weak and we felt butterflies in out stomach.

The first time we touched it was like electricity.

The first time we kissed we felt sparks.

Our first time was amazing.

No one must never know


1. ch. 1

Tick tock, tick tock the clock in my college classroom went. Only like 30 more seconds till the bell would ring and summer vacation would start.

I loved summer vacation because it met I got to say with my big brother Luke. I loved him. He was always so protective of me.

RING! The bell went. I smiled widely, grabbed my backpack and ran outside.

I immediately saw a group of girls, a body guard, a black car and a blonde quiff. I ran toward the group .

Me: Luke!

I yelled but when I saw who everyone was circling around I smiled widely.

Niall: hey Abby.

I smile and hug him tightly

Me: hey Niall.

Niall: come on. Get in the car.

I nod and get in. He does the same.

Me: why didn't Luke pick me up?

Niall: him and the guys had a gig. They'll be at my flat to pick you up in about an hour.

Me: okay.

Suddenly our phones started ringing like crazy

'Niall Horan and Abigail Hemmings hugging at local school'

'Why is @abby_123 leaving with Niall when she should leave with Luke?'

The medias weird but whatever. The car spots and we get out.

We walk up to his door as he gets out his keys. He opens the door and let's me in.

I leave my backpack by the door and walk to the kitchen.

I sit on the counter and grab an apple. He walks up to me and smiles

Niall: so...we have about an hour till you get picked up. What do you want to do?

He ask putting his hand on my knee. I smile

Me: I see what you wanna do.

I smile widely and run upstairs to his room hearing his foot steps following me.

I smile and stand in front of his bed an start to undress while he closes an locks the door.

I smile as he undresses also. I was left in my bright light pink bra and panties while he was left in his boxers.

He walks up to me putting a hand on my back and smiling that gorgeous smile of his.

I smile widely and kisses my sweet spot. I bite my lip as he starts to suck on it leaving a hickey.

He pulls away, pushes me down on the bed and crawls on top of me.

We smile at each other. He pulls off my panties and his boxers.

Niall: you ready?

He ask and starts rubbing me with his member. I bite my lip an nods

He enters me making me moan. He continues harder and harder making me grip his hair pulling it slightly.

I see him bite his lip. He continues deeper hitting my g spot making me moan like crazy

Suddenly we hear the front door open and close.

Luke: Niall? Abby?

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