Truth or dare

High schoolers are stuck in the basement they start a truth or dare was it a good or bad idea ? * COMPLETED *. Sequel coming soon


4. The second dare

"Todd I dare you to kiss Audrey" said Janet. Todd replied "do I have to?😕😥😟" ,"yes."Janet said with a hard stare.  Todd leaned in and kissed Audrey for a minute,and then they both sat down and just stared awkwardly at each other after wiping their mouths. Janet said "so....should we do another dare?" We all agreed, and dared her to kiss josh,a boy who Audrey knows Janet likes so they kissed for like what seemed like forever,but it was only five minutes.then Josh pulled Janet over to a corner of the room away from everybody else,and asked her to be his girlfriend,and she said "yes!oh yes!" With a exited look on her face.

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