Truth or dare

High schoolers are stuck in the basement they start a truth or dare was it a good or bad idea ? * COMPLETED *. Sequel coming soon


6. The fourth dare

Selena's pov                                              

 I watched as Logan kissed Audrey and longed to be in Audrey's place but Logan  would never like me and when I looked over at them they were kissing blood broiled at the sight,but then I thought of a dare to find out if he would like me if it weren't for Audrey.I finally said "Logan,i dare you to kiss the girl you like that isn't Audrey!",as he started to kiss Audrey and then stopped,turned around,and sat down and kissed me right on the lips!Audrey got red in the face and screamed "we are through,Logan Chesterfeild!!!" She then walked over and flat out slapped me!but then Logan kissed Audrey and she calmly said "why did you kiss her,babe?" he replied "she was an old crush,but I don't  like her".I was crushed!

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