Truth or dare

High schoolers are stuck in the basement they start a truth or dare was it a good or bad idea ? * COMPLETED *. Sequel coming soon


7. The fifth dare

Todds Pov.

 I really like Audrey  but she was always kissing Logan!I walked over and said "Audrey,I dare you to kiss someone who you hate." she walked towards me and my friends and kissed John with a disgusted look on her face,and then wiped her mouth as she walked back to Logan.I walked over to Selena and asked to speak with her alone and said "I know you like Logan and I like Audrey,if we date we can make them jealous." and then she sat and thought,"okay!" She finally decided and kissed me right in front of everyone!when people looked at us, the look on Audrey and Logan's faces was priceless!they were jealous beyond belief!step one check off the list!I then kissed Selena passonitely in a corner.

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