Truth or dare

High schoolers are stuck in the basement they start a truth or dare was it a good or bad idea ? * COMPLETED *. Sequel coming soon


8. Someone new

We were all just waking up after last night's fiasco when we heard the door open.wait...the door open?!!

"Wait,wait,wait!don't close the door!"we shouted,but it was too late,whoever opened it had already shut it firmly behind them."sorry!"the person said "I can just open it again you know!" the person then tried to open the door,which was,of course,stuck."darn it!"Todd yelled"Liz,why'd you close the door?!!","sorry Todd"the girl said.

"Guys,this is Liz Gardner,we went to middle school together." Todd said.Liz had long red hair,freckles,brown eyes,and weirdly designed clothes."sorry I'm late Todd,when I got your call I was a bit busy,so I thought I'd stop by in the morning.","well now that you're here,we were playing a game of truth or dare,so...wanna play?"Todd suggested.she nodded yes and the game started again.

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