Truth or dare

High schoolers are stuck in the basement they start a truth or dare was it a good or bad idea ? * COMPLETED *. Sequel coming soon


14. New Girl + New Boy + ninth dare + First Truth = Trouble

New Girl's P.O.V

I walked into the room, their was boys and girls chatting making dares at each other. I sat down next to my twin sister, Selena. "Hey Sally!" Selena Greeted, her friends looked at me then looked at the boy standing behind me, Jason MY Crush. "Time for the 9th dare," A guy called Logan shouted out. "And the 1st truth," Selena knew a truth and a dare. FOR ME! Selena whispered one to Janet then she asked me "Kiss Jason & Logan," I nearly vomited, Everyone except Jason & Logan were chanting "LOGAN!" So I needed to kiss Logan first, some of the girls froze when Selena said "Kiss Jason & Logan," I took a breath, then I walked over to Logan and Kissed him. Selena knows that I have a PERFECT KISS meaning my kisses were enchanting!(Sometimes Selena says their love potions!) Most boys fall to the ground, faint or just run away but Logan just stood there, he kissed me back after I kissed him. We kissed for 1 minute & 54 seconds, Selena & Audrey looked like they were gonna faint. I then didn't wipe my lips just scooted over to my crush, and kissed himHe kissed me back but we only kissed for 15 seconds. Jason Ran off and Logan winked at me. Janet told me the truth one "Which boy do you like?" My mind went fuzzy, It was Chanting LOGAN then JASON  "Um.. I'd say.."






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