Faking It. • L // H •

"Basically this is how it goes. Either you two start fake dating, or Five Seconds Of Summer doesn't open for One Direction, and Dusk To Dawn doesn't close for them, either."

They were close friends. So close, that it becomes a problem. The famous life is a lot more darker then it looks. How far are you willing to go for your loved ones?

• B O O K F O U R O F T H E F A M E S E R I E S •



1. Story Summary



"They were close. So close that it became a problem, and they were forced into a relationship that had a fake title, but true feelings."


Life is about making choices.

If you make the right ones, then you do your best to make sure you keep making the right ones.

If you make the wrong ones, you learn from your mistakes and brush it off.

And that's what made Elliot Grey wonder if she was doing the right thing by fake dating her close friend Luke Hemmings, one fourth of the notorious punk rock band Five Seconds Of Summer.

It should've just been a tour around the UK, Australia, and America, with Five Seconds Of Summer as One Directions opening act, and Dusk To Dawn as their closing act.

But when people start to think the lead singers of both bands are a little more closer then they should be, lines are drawn, and weariness kicks in.

And soon, Elliot and Luke find themselves learning the art of Faking It.

And there's just one question–


How far are you willing to go for your loved ones?






Book 1: Flaws ~ Ashton Irwin ✔️

Book 2: Shadows ~ Michael Clifford ✔️

Book 3: Unbroken ~ Calum Hood ✔️

Book 4: Faking It ~ Luke Hemmings ⭕️

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