Soccer stars


2. two

Calums pov\\||_

She was so hot I told the boys thinking about the girl at soccer practice

Yeah we know we hang out with her all the time Michel said in a strange tone

Geez sorry I'm just happy

My phone buzzed


It was from her I screamed like a girl and ran to my room.

Hey I answered back

Wats up

Just texting you;)

Oh well wanna hang out

Sure u can come over I know u know where it is

Yep I'll be there in 20

I smiled as I walked to the bathroom to make sure I looked presentable

Maddis pov•••

I couldn't wait to go hang out with the guys after all this time I had only seen calum at his house but we never payed attention to each other

I walked to the closet and grabbed my black skinny jeans and a Maroon soccer sweatshirt with some black converse

I went to the bathroom and fixed my makeup and redid my pony tail.

I walked out the door with butterfly's in my stomach

When I got there they were all playing Fifa

So how's my top goal scorer in the state doing Luke yelled when they all turned around

Me and Calum were both forwards in soccer and we're both the top goal scorers in Australia for the boy and girl high school age devision.

He smiled and walked over to give me a hug I think I like Calum I thought to myself

Want pizza Michel asked. U know it Mikey I screamed and we did our handshake as he got out his phone.

Me and Luke had a pizza song we sang whenever Michel asked what we wanted

So what do u want Michel sing out

Ashton started banging the beat on the table

Some pepa pepa roni or maybe some sausage but All I really know is I'm holding this pizza hostage Luke sang then I joined in just get us a pizza just get us a pizza now Ooo now ouch ow ooo now ouch now. When we finished our rap the four of us did our group chant and started laughing and I realized Calum was just standing there jealous and mad and sad and confused

Calum we need to teach you all of this I said as I tried to stop laughing

I know he said with a straight face

I winked at him as Michel ordered the pizza

Calums pov{}{}

I was mad that I could be so blind of this girl that was in my house all the time Ashton told me she came over everyday for three years and then just twice a week I can't believe I didn't know

So I like maddi I thought haha I can't but maybe I do

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