Soccer stars


1. one

Maddis pov••

Maddi can u go get that ball the coach yelled at me. Yeah one sec

I trotted down the Feild now going past the boys side and getting the ball I kicked it back to the girls side and ran over whe someone yelled my name. I was running while looking back and I ran into someone making both of us fall to the ground

Oh my god I'm so sorry are u ok I yelled and I got up

Yeah you the tsll boy said

I'm fine now I said practically drooling over this boy

He laughed so what's your name

Maddi yours I asked him

Calum, Calum hood

O from that band

Yeah I take it you've heard of us

Yeah I listen to u guys sometimes

My friends are in the band with you

Oh yeah they talk about you

Oh good to know I said wrinkling my eyebrows making Calum giggle

So I'll see u round he said and he jogged to the other side of the Feild

The coach blew the whistle wich meant I had spent the rest of soccer practice talking to Calum

He was so cute

He walked up to me again and handed me s paper with his number on it

U should call me since u know the rest of the band we can all hang out he said smiling

Ok I say freaking out on the inside

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