When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


9. The white dress

Cassie's POV

"Hello, Luke." I smirked as I walked into my room. "Maybe I should take my time to call the police."
"Maybe you shouldn't." He smiled. "Still in that dress, huh? Do you mind if I am the one to take you out of it?" 
"As long as you don't mind police sirens interrupting your one night stand." 
"It's not a one night stand." 
"Of course it isn't." I said sarcastically. "Can you step out so I can change?" 
"Hell no. You can change I front of me." I began to open my mouth to retaliate and to kick him out, but I remembered Calum's plan. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I took off his leather jacket and tossed it into the bed beside him. I then slipped off my shoes and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a giant t-shirt. I had no idea how to be sexy, but he seemed like he was buying my act. I lifted my hair up.
"Can you help me unzip?" I asked. He swallowed and nodded. His fingers then gently guided the zipper down my back. 

Luke's POV

Cassie's dress fell to the ground. Dear god she's hot. To hell with her being the school nerd. She is gorgeous. She then pranced over to her dresser once again in her underwear and pulled on a giant Halsey t-shirt. She then crept slowly towards me and ran her fingers through her hair. 
"Damn." I whispered. 
"What? Didn't realize that maybe I'm not the typical school nerd?" She smiled. Even her dimples were perfect. This damn be was killing me. I just wanted Cassie again. She moved closer and crawled onto the bed. She then moved onto my lap and her fingers traced my jaw. She but her lip. 
"Listen, Cassie." 
"I wasn't joking when I opened up to you earlier. I still am in love with you." I just blurted everything out. Now she was just torturing me. "Oh, fuck it." I then grabbed her face and brought her lips to my own. My hand then travelled under her shirt and to her back. I pulled her closer to me. "You might want to shut the curtains." I laughed. She hustled over and closed then quickly. I then pulled her back to me and she giggled. 
"Luke, I've been thinking about this for a long time." 
"Me too." I breathed. I pressed my lips to hers once again, her hands travelled to the buttons on my shirt.  She slowly unbuttoned them one at a time and then tugged the shirt off of me. I pulled her shirt over her head, parting our kiss for only a moment. She then began to undo me jeans as a knock was heard at the door. We both abruptly stopped. 
"Cassie?" Paisley's voice said from the other side of the door. Cassie immediately got up and put her shirt back on. She nodded for me to do the same. 
"Yes?" Cassie said.
"Are you busy? Calum asked me on another date for tomorrow and I need help choosing an outfit."
"Sure I can help. Can someone else?" 
"You mean Luke? Of course."
"I can hear you two. The walls aren't sound proof." I then buttoned my pants and I felt the heat growing in my cheeks. Cassie was bright red too. She looked adorable. We then walked down the hall to Paisley's room and she had practically her entire wardrobe scattered across the room. I pointed out a white dress Calum would like. 
"What about that one?" 
"Hell no." Cassie said, disgusted.
"Why not? Calum would like it." 
"Yeah because she wouldn't be wearing practically any clothes at all."
"Maybe you should wear it then."
"Definitely not."
"Paisley, just wear what you feel beautiful in."
"What if it's that white dress?" She laughed. 
"Then I suggest feeling beautiful in something else." Cassie smiled. "Luke, maybe you should go home."
"Ok I will after this." I then kissed her once more before returning to my house next door. It just felt right to do that. I hate that it's just all for a bet.

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