When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


6. The blog


Cassie’s POV


I woke up to the blinding sun.

“Cassie! Everyone is talking about it!” Paisley yelled into my face.

“Hmm..?” I said, still dazed.

“You and Luke are dating! Everyone is talking about it. That said you were walking home together and kissing and holding hands! All of it!”

“Not true.”

“You might want to let Luke know that then…” She trailed off and then skipped out of the room.

“What are you talking about?” I called down the hall and rubbed my eyes, still not fully awake.

“The school website! Isn’t Luke the editor of that?” I then got up and stormed to my computer. I then went to the comment section of this so-called article and posted a response.

Hello, love. I’m so glad you are so desperate to write this Lucas considering you were the one who forced your tongue down my throat. How’s the bet going by the way? Anyways, I wanted to let you know that we are not dating and were are not seeing each other anytime soon, okay? Thank you so much! Alright, goodbye.

-Cassie ;)

Maybe it was a bit harsh, but I didn’t care. Luke didn’t care about me at all. This was for his stupid bet.


Luke’s POV

I woke up to my phone buzzing like crazy.


Cal Pal- Bro! Did you SEE Cassie’s comment! I actually fell for it too! I thought you had won for a minute!

Mikey- Dude… you just got slayed by Cass…. haha

Ash- You didn’t win the bet!!! It’s on! Try giving a believable article next time!

Marie- Since you are still single you want to hook up tonight…. I’m feeling a bit lonely, babe ;)

Bella- Hey babe…. you, me, tonight? We can make sure that Cassie bitch sees it all.

Cassie- don’t ever talk to me, look at me, or even think about me ever again

Mikey- I think you went too far with that… you’ll never win now

Cal Pal- I’m definitely in the lead on this one, Hemmings

Jessica- It’s kinda hot you can’t even keep the school art geek off of you… are you free this weekend?


Shit. She saw my fake article. I don’t even care about the bet anymore. She used to be my best friend and I screwed it all up. It was so nice to have her in my arms and kiss her again. Wait, Luke, what are you doing? This is for the bet and only the bet. You don’t like Cassie. She’s a nerd. I got out of bed and put on some black skinny jeans and an All Time Low t-shirt. I didn’t even bother with the article, and I have already lost the bet. No since in trying now. I hopped on the bus to school and saw her and her sister. I got to school and was a joke, or being asked on a date. I then ran into Michael.

“Bro, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know. What’s wrong with your hair?”

“Hey, it’s black.”

“It’s got fucking feathers in it.”

“Yeah. Anyways, you have to make it up to Cassie.”


“Because none of the girls will talk to us no-” He didn’t even finish his sentence and then I was slammed against the locker. Jessica. She was smoking hot, but wore way too much makeup and smelled like fish. I gagged. Her golden eyes looked into my own and she had a naughty smirk on her face.

“Hiya, Lucas.” She said playfully.

“Yeah, Jessica?” I said looking around trying to find Cassie. The girl in my face was the least of my worries.

“Who are you looking for?” She kept questioning me. “That Kailey girl? Or is it Carly? Maybe Cassandra?”

“Cassie. It’s Cassie.”

“Ooh. Are we a little tense? I know how to fix that.” She kept on flirting with me and flaunting herself, but then Cassie walked by. Her usually curly hair was straightened. She had on cute black glasses and a plain black long sleeve shirt and acid wash shorts. She also had on white converse. I was totally checking her out when she glanced over at me. I immediately glared at her and she scoffed. No way I was going to let her win. I then kissed the slut that had me pinned to the wall and jerked her away so my arm was around her. We then walked over to Cassie and her group of art geeks.

“What’s wrong, Lukie Pookie? Did you and your little girlfriend turn the wrong corner and find yourselves in the honors hallway?”

“No, I just figured after all the trouble you went through to write up a paragraph in my comment section, I ought to thank you.”

“The trouble I went through? No, no. That doesn’t even compare to the time you spent writing the fake little article.” I then took my arm from around Jessica, and Cassie’s geek gang scattered.

“Nice little army you got here.” I smirked.

“Yours is as big as mine.” She grinned evilly. Jessica was gone. That’s when I pressed Cassie up against the wall and our noses were touching. No one really paid attention to us.

“You look hot today.”

“What am I? A thermometer?” She snarkily responded.

“I’m sorry, gorgeous. I know you want me as bad as I want you.”

“That’s complete bull.” She spat.

“Then why did you kiss me back?” I then kissed her, and she kissed me, and then she pushed away. The then blushed and stormed away, trying to conceal her smile.

“So how did that go?” It was Ashton.

“Fine. I’m going to win this.”

“Yeah, sure.” He chuckled. “Anyways, her little friend won’t even talk to me anymore. Thanks, man.”

“You are very welcome.” I smiled sarcastically.

“Ashton!” The little redhead that ran around with Cassie yelled down the hall. She was hot, but not for now. “Want to go to the movies tonight?”

“Oh, I figured since Luke screwed over your best friend, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.” He said in a fake, pitiful voice.

“Who cares about Cassie?” She rolled her eyes and then kissed Ashton in the middle of the hallway. “Text me. Screw Cassie. Team Luke.”

“What the hell was that?” I questioned Ashton.

“Seems like girl drama to me.” He smiled mischievously. “Now I've got this in the bag.”
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