When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


11. The bet... Explained

Luke's POV

So now I'm actually telling her the bet. I'm actually telling her. I'm actually going to tell her about my actual feelings. I'm going to actually do this. 
"First of all, go put your actual clothes on because I'm hard as hell with you in that lingerie and and my shirt." She scampered off and soon reappeared with he full clothes on, but I could still see the red strap of the bra I had gotten her. "Too lazy to change underwear eh?" I asked sarcastically. She blushed in response. Damn.
"Why don't you have to put on clothes?"
"Because you aren't a fuck boy and don't find me attractive. You aren't turned on by the slightest thing I do so why go through to effort of changing?"
"Who said that?" She cocked her head sideways and smiled. 
"Stop that." I said a bit too harshly. "So you wanna know about the damnable bet. It was Ashton's idea. He wanted to know how easy the school nerds were so we made a bet. Whoever gets the first 'I love you' gets $1,000. We were all assigned to different girls. Ashton wanted you originally, but I knew things wouldn't turn out alright if that happened. I asked for you instead since you lived so close and well Michael didn't care either way and Calum didn't want to do it at all. He was dragged into it. I was really into it at first, but now... I don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know?"
"I'm in love with you. Don't say I love you me ever. I don't want to win anymore. I realized how much I missed you. I just don't know how to call off the bet."
"How do I know this isn't all a lie?" She asked.
"Because I don't want you to love me back." I walked up to her and kissed her full on, and for once, she kissed me back. She meant it this time. I could tell in her room she was just being a tease. The rest of the times she was resisting. This was her completely giving herself. She reached for the button of her pants and I began to tug at her shirt. We broke the kiss to remove the clothing and we were now both in just our underwear. I moved to kiss her neck and remembered she was still in that stupid lingerie I bought her. "You look sexy." I chuckled.
"Well I am dressed the way a fuckboy always wants his date to be dressed. Not at all." 
"You sure you wanna..." I trailed off. I was so nervous. Wait, why was I nervous? 
"Mm. The night is up to you." She but her lip. Damn. Why'd she have to do that. I just needed her at that moment. 
"Why don't we just see where this takes us?" I picked her up and spun her around. Our lips then met again. She tugged at my bottom lip. I then slid my tongue across her own bottom lip to gain access into her mouth. Just before I begin to unhook her bra, my cellphone rings. 
"Is that another one of your friends waiting outside?" She laughed out of breath.
"No, my mom... Hello?" The call ended quickly and I sighed once it ended. 
"Want to go to a fancy dinner with my parents?" I asked Cassie. 
"Uhm." She turned bright red. 
"You look really cute when you are all nervous." I chuckled. "I've got a dress if you need one." She looked confused. "One from my brother's fiancee's. It's what she wore to my other brother's wedding."
"That's funny." She said with a smile.
"What is?"
"Both your brothers are in stable relationships and you are.... You."
"Oh. So you want to come?"
"Why so sudden?"
"My dad's business partner's are dying to meet his youngest son apparently." I rolled my eyes. "So would you be my date?"
"Sure." She winked. I showed her the dress and she left to put it on. I quickly put on my tuxedo and a black tie and stepped into the hall to wait on her.
"I think my mom has urm... makeup if you need it."
"I brought some, but I need your help." 
"What is it?" I jogged to her down the hall.
"Lace me up?" She asked and turned her back to me.
"Why aren't you wearing a bra? Don't girls do that?" I asked as I saw her bare back.
"You've screwed how many girls and haven't realized with nice dresses you don't wear bras?"
"Nah. They are all sluts. Sluts don't dress nice. Now... Um... How do I even to this?" I ask as I see the long ribbon that was supposed to tie the dress together.
"Ever laced up a converse?" 
"Oh!" Then lace up the dress. It was a frilly sorta thing that was slim and lacy. She said something about mermaids having to do with it, but all I knew was that she looked amazing in it. 
"It's a little snug." She shyly said. She had painted her lips red and her eyes looked darker, but that's all that had changed really. Her perfect hair had stayed the same. 
"You look ho-beautiful."
"Thanks." She blushed.
"Let's go, babe." 

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