When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


10. One night

Cassie's POV

"Fuck no.
Cassie do you own anything that is sexy?" Calum scoffs.
"Calum, could you say that without sounding gay?"
"Well sorry!" He sassily said. He sounded gay on purpose that time.
"What about this?" I said and showed him a little red skirt. 
"That will work. Wear this band tee tucked into it." He commanded. It was a Bastille black tee with cut off sleeves. I reached for my converse. "No." He snapped. "Lace tights and heels."
"I am not wearing heels all day." 
"Yes you are, or this won't work." 
"Fine you little shit." I got ready for the day as Calum waited downstairs to take Paisley to school. I put my hair in a messy bun with round, black sunglasses and red lipstick. I finally pulled on red heels and grabbed my book bag. 
"You look hot." Calum chuckled. 
"Shut up. You're girlfriend is coming."
"She will look beautiful. There is a difference."
"Whatever." I glanced out the window to see Luke walking to his car. I shuffled outside to catch him. "Hey, Luke!" I said with my best flirtatious voice. "Could you give me a ride?" His jaw dropped and I couldn't help but to blush. Stop it Cassie. 
"Uh, sure." His voice cracked. I laughed.
"What's wrong, Hemmings?" I asked cockily as I slid into his car. 
"You look stunning. You aren't aloud to look that hot. Other people will notice if you do."
"Ha! Sure they will! The school art nerd gets noticed as attractive! I bet that won't happen." 
"Fine then let's bet."
"Really?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"Sure. If I win the bet you come over to my place and spend the night how I want to."
"If I win we go on an actual date. You pay. Nice restaurant. Just the two of us."
I silently wished I lost the bet, so I could continue with my little scheme. I definitely lost the bet. I got whistles from jocks and several questions about what school I transferred from. Calum was right. Now I had to spend the night at Luke's house. I felt someone behind me. I turn to see it was luke leaning on the locker beside mine.
"I guess I won." He chuckled.
"Bite me." I snapped. 
"Maybe later tonight. You will be there." He whispered seductively in my ear.
"Is this just your crazy little act?" I asked, biting my lip.
"Mm, definitely not." He then kissed my cheek. I quickly sucked in air and we continued to our math class and the day went by too slow. I finally got into science with Calum and I had no idea what to do. 
"You gotta fuck him. You made a deal."
"Language!" I blushed.
"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck..."
"I get it. But doesn't he win if I sleep with him." 
"Actually he doesn't win until you say 'I love you', so try not to get too caught up in the moment."
"Loving Luke Hemmings is the least of my worries."
"Ha! He's going to enjoy taking your virginity." 
"How would you know-"
"You can't hear me say fuck without blushing. Also, you gag thinking about giving a blowjob." I scrunched up my nose at the thought. "Told you." 
"But how do I even do this?"
"Actually sex is a natural instinct and Luke has had a ton of practice, so he'll tell you what to do." Calum winked.
"What if he doesn't even want to sleep with me?"
"You're pretty funny." 
"You are absolutely no help."


It was an hour after school. I had just finished my homework, and now I go to Luke's. I told Sofia what was going on, and she said she would cover for me. 
"I'm going to Sofia's house, Paisley." I shouted to me sister upstairs. 
"Ok! Calum is giving me a ride to school tomorrow!"
"Alright." I tugged my backpack and extra clothes and makeup bag over my shoulders. I got to his door and found it unlocked with rose petals making a path. I dropped my bags and followed them slowly up the stairs to his room. 
"Luke?" I raised my voice to find no answer. There was a rose with a card attached to it and some lingerie and one of his large shirts on the bed. 
Put this on. Meet me in the living room. You are going to have the night of your life.
I put on the clothes as instructed then walked downstairs to find Luke in black boxers on his living room couch. 
"Let's see if you kick ass in Fifa." He laughed and tossed me a controller. Not a good idea- you know throwing things at the non athletic kid. The controller hit me in the face. 
"Owie!" I squealed.
"I'm so sorry babe!" He jumped up and rushed over to me. "Are you okay?" 
"I'm fine. Kiss it, make it better?" I asked with a pouty lip. I heated doing all of this, but I supposed it was necessary. 
"Of course baby girl." He kissed my eyebrow where the controller hit me and then he dragged me to the couch. The game soon began. 
"Why are all of my guys so slow?!?" I yelled.
"Because you picked a team because you liked their uniform and not because they were actually, well... Good!"
"It's a nice shade of red, okay?"
"Art kids should never have access to video games!"
"Art kids created the video games!" One of my forwards swiped the ball from Luke's center back and mindlessly kicked it passed the keeper! 
"Gooooooooaaaaaaaaallllll!" I yelled and got up and danced. 
"It's still eight to one." Luke chuckled and smirked as I had my little victory dance. 
"Maybe if your defender people didn't suck so bad, my awful team wouldn't have scored on your sorry yellow-jersey guys." 
"You mean, Brazil?"
"Uh, sure!" He got up and danced with me. 
"I won!" He laughed. 
"I tried!" I giggled.
"You did." He caresses my arm and guided my hand to his face. 
"Oh, so this is what you have been planning for?" I questioned with a smirk. 
"Oh yes." He bit his lip. "You want to order some pizza?" He laughed. 
"Hey, no leading me on!" He whipped out his phone and ordered some cheese pizza. "You are so plain, Lucas." 
"I don't go by that anymore, Cassandra." 
"So why is it you like me all of a sudden again?" I asked, tripping him up. His face turned red. 
"I don't know. I'm a guy. You are a pure, hot-"
"Beautiful girl." He corrected himself.
"Isn't it strange how your entire friend group has suddenly taken interest in mine?" I giggled and scrunched up my nose, pretending to play dumb. "I mean Calum likes Paisley and Sofie and Michael are simply meant to be. Not to mention Ashton and Rachel have already said I love you's."
"What was that?"
"Oh nothing, babe." He stuttered. I was giving him a chance to prove this wasn't just a bet to him. I was giving him a chance to make things ok so we could be together. I secretly hoped he caught on. 
"So there isn't anything weird going on with this?" I asked once more.
"Of course not!"
"Really?" I asked, stepping closer and putting my arms around his neck. I bit my lip and gave him puppy-dog eyes.
"Nope." He smiled and laughed nervously. 
"Luke, I know."
"Know what?" He played dumb.
"I know about the bet, and that the first girl to say 'I love you' equals the guy winning. I hate you. I hate what you are doing and things with you haven't been black and white since eighth grade." 
"I'm going to kill Calum." 
"No you aren't."
"Excuse me?"
"You aren't because I will tell the entire school about the bet if you don't get your friend to stop manipulating mine."
"I can't do that."
"Why the hell not?"
"Because there is more I want from you."
"What do you want now? You already ruined everything!"
"I-I'm sorry." He stuttered. "I just didn't realize I would actually fall for you after all this." 
"Good try. You think I would fall for that after you and your little friends victimized me and my friends?"
"No, I'm serious."
"Don't you get it? You had your fun! Now get out of my life!" I tried storming away, but he grabbed my arm. 
"Where do you think we are going? We had a bet. You have to stay the night." The doorbell rang and Luke peaked out the window. "Come here." He demanded, and I did. I did make the bet. Luke opened the door with a smile. I realized what we were wearing at that moment, but it was Ashton delivering the pizza. 
"Fuck you, Luke." Ashton snarled once he saw me. 
"Now, now, now, ashy-poo. Customer service! Oh and that's what I'll be doing with my lovely date tonight anyways. Here's your tip, and have a nice night." Luke grabbed the pizza and slammed the door in his face. 
"There is no way I am-"
"That's not what we are doing tonight, and we never were doing that. Well, unless you want to." He blushed. He really was still just a teenage guy. "I know you aren't stupid, but I also knew Ashton was outside the door, listening. I was trying to tell you and about the damn bet," He began to eat a slice of pizza. "But someone was being a little smart ass and wouldn't wait to let me tell her." 
"Now eat and let me explain to you a few things about this little bet."

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