When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


7. Notes

Cassie's POV

I turned back to slap Luke when I see Rachel kissing Ashton in the middle of the hallway and heard her yell "Screw Cassie! Team Luke!"
Forget it. I thought and then stomped away to my AP Chem. class. In the middle of the lecture I begin to be pegged in the back of the head with paper wads.
"Pst!" Someone urgently whispered behind me. "Pssst!" I turn and hit in the face with a ball of notebook paper.
"What?" I angrily whispered. Calum slid me a piece of paper that was folded and I turned back around. Great. I missed the last slide. I opened up the note and read it.

Luke is going to kill me, but it's all a bet. I hope you are okay. Don't do anything with him you don't want to with him. It's all a bet. I just wants to hurt you at the end of this. This is not only so I win the bet. This is for the fact that you are a good person and you don't need to be part of the game. I won't do the bet. If I date Paisley, it's because I want to. And since you have now missed two slides... Here are the answers :)

I smiled slightly and scribbled down the notes I missed. The bell then rang and I stood up and hustled out of the class, but was cut off at the door by Calum.
"I was serious." He said. "Also, I think you, Luke, Paisley, and I should go on a double date."
"Nice try. You just told me to stay away from Luke." I then tried to shuffle past, but he wouldn't let me go.
"It's just so you will let me date Paisley and so you see that I'm right. I never said Luke would stay away from you."
"Fine. When?"
"No the other Friday that's this week." He rolled his eyes and laughed. 
"Okay." I sighed. "Paisley will be there. This still doesn't mean she will be allowed to date you."
"I'm just trying to prove myself. I want to call off this shitty bet." We began to walk. "Hurting innocent people isn't okay. It was Ashton's whole idea too. Luke didn't ant to accept, even though he always take the bets. Michael was more eager then him, but still wasn't 100 percent sure."
"It was Ashton's idea? So he is really going to go through with it all?"
"I have to warn Rachel. Wait, you have to warn Rachel. She won't listen to me."
"She won't listen to me either now."
"Why?" He nodded down the hallway and Rachel was there, watching us talk. "Rachel!" She bolted and I followed with Calum. 
"What are you doing?" I heard Sofia's voice.
"I'm sorry! I will explain later. I can't lose Rachel to Ashton!"
"Huh?" She started running with us. I then violently ran into Calum. He was silencing us both and pointed at Ash and Rachel together walking into the janitor's closet.
"Are they...?" Sofia trailed off. 
"They couldn't-" I began. "She couldn't." I knew Rach and I were fighting, but that doesn't mean we weren't best friends. Her attitude got the best of her a lot, but never to the point where she wanted to do this. 
"Trust me. This is a hook up. I'll be a spy for you guys. What's your number?" He asked me. 
"Um.." I grabbed a pen and scribbled it on his hand. "Don't give it to Luke or I will chop your balls off."
"Aw, then how am I supposed to screw around with-"
"If you say my sister's name I will kill you."
".... Ok."
"So what the hell just happened?" Sofia impatiently asked. 
"See you Friday. " Calum said then walked away. 
"You want to come over and do some homework together today after school? You drive your own car, right?" I asked.
"Um. Sure then we will talk." He said slightly confused.
"Yo, crazy-ass hall sprinter. I need an explanation!" Sofia half-shouted.
"Calum hates the whole bet the boys have. All of them kinda do. Except Ashton, who Rachel is determined to date. Calum is on our side. I think. The bet has been proven. We can't trust them."
"Wow. Sorry. I should have listened to you."
"So no video games with Michael now?"
"No. I still am going to screw up that mother-fucker." She smirked and I laughed.
"I promised Calum I would go on a double date with him and Luke though. He apparently actually wants to date Paisley."
"If he makes her shed one tear, I fuck that shit up."
"You are cussing more than usual."
"I'm pissed."
"Yeah?" I laughed once again and we walked to class together. 
"I'm making their lives hell. Except for maybe the Calum one."
"Good. That's what they deserve. I am always happy to help."

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