When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


8. First date ;)

Cassie's POV

I sat at home in the middle of my bedroom floor. Calum was in his way so we could talk and do homework. Sofia sat there with me and I stressfully tugged a fistful of my curly hair. 
"Calm down." She said and I chewed the end of my pencil.
"But- I'm just- ya know?"
"Yeah. Where's Paisley?" 
"At the library working in a project. She won't be bothering our study group."
"When are you going to tell her and Luke about the double date?" 
"I don't know." I sighed. I then heard the doorbell ring. I poked my head out of the open window. "Calum, it's unlocked. Come on up." Moments later he was upstairs.
"That house beside yours looks like Luke's." 
"That's because it is his." I groaned.
"That's unfortunate." He chuckled. "Now I'm thinking Italian for the date. Does she have to be here?" He nodded towards Sofia.
"Yes. She wants to protect Rachel as well. She stays. You can go if you want."
"I just didn't know since she was going on dates with Mikey." I raised my eyebrow to Sofia. 
"Yeah we have hung out... That was before I knew. I like the idea of the unpopular geek girl to be with the popular boy."
"It's fine." 
Calum coughed sharply. "So here's the plan-"


There he stood with his stupid smirk and perfect blue eyes. There I was in too tall heels and a little number Calum picked from his sister's closet. My hair was Steiger and my lips were red. He wore a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans ripped at the knees. He also wore a white button up shirt that was buttoned just one button too low, and I almost rolled my eyes at him trying to be sexy. 
"He looked hot." He flushed and quickly recovered.
"So do you." He raised an eyebrow, confused.
"What? I wasn't expecting that."
"What did you want a sassy comeback?" I grabbed his face and kissed him and then pulled away and put my hands on my hips. "Maybe things change." I then winked. His mouth hung open.
"It's cold. Here." He wrapped his jacket around my shoulders. I finally had put Luke Hemmings off of his game. We walked into the mildly busy restaurant and sat in the booth opposite of Calum and Paisley. I was relieved because I had almost broken my ankles in these stupid shoes. The drinks were brought out and we had all gotten water in elegant wine glasses. I put my arms through the sleeves of the jacket and shoved my hands into the pockets only to find and rose corsage in the left hand pocket. 
"A bit cliche, but you are adorable when you are romantic." I whisper in his ear. He bites his lip. Calum and Paisley were nuzzling each other in the opposite booth and I roll my eyes. 
"I hate couples like that." Luke and I say at the same time. The two love birds jumped back and blushed in embarrassment. The evening quickly ended, and to my surprise I enjoyed it. As we walked out, I took of the bulky jacket and began to hand it to Luke. He took it from me and wrapped it around my arms. 
"Keep it. It looks better on you." He winks. 
"Okay." I giggle. I drove home, thinking about Luke. He finally seemed like he was liking me. Really liking me, and I hope he does. I pray he does, or Calum's plan will never work. I parked at my house and began to walk in to see Calum waiting inside. 
"Can I date her?" He asks eagerly.
"Sure. But if you hurt her, I hurt you."
"Deal. How did it go with Luke?"
"I think it's starting to work."
"Good... Because he's in your room."
"I heard him sneak in through your window... Good luck." The little weenie then ran out of the house and sped away... Now how was I supposed to keep Luke falling into a trap without risking myself? 

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