When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


2. dumbfounded


Cassie’s POV

    In every school there are sections of kids. The sections don’t overlap, and they never mingle. In every school there is a kid like me. The art geek who is always covered in glitter and has her nose in a sketchbook and spends more time than necessary in the fine arts department. In every school there is a kid like my little sister. The kid who is obsessed with movies and books and points out every difference between them and takes trips three times a week to the theatre to make sure she is caught up. There’s always someone like my best friend.The girl who can play every single instrument and dedicates her time to the obo. There’s always someone like my other best friend. The geek obsessed with videogames and beas every single game within the hour. That’s me and my gang for you. I’m a girl with a mess of brown curls and thick glasses and homemade bleached out black shirts wore with beat up sneakers and worn out skinny jeans. I’m Cassie Jones. My sister’s name is Paisley. She loves and knows every single movie out there. Almost all her clothes are dark because of the extreme amounts of time she spends at the theatre. Her white-blonde hair always makes her stand out though. She does try to look her best though. The rest of our group gave up a long time ago. My friend Rachel plays every song known to man with every instrument known to man. She is usually seen an a band crop top and yoga pants, usually learning a new song on the piano. Her wild red hair and temper get her into some trouble though. She usually keeps her mouth shut though. Sofia is the last in our band. She has jet black hair and piercing crystal blue eyes. She can beat anyone at any video game. She has her own gaming room for crying out loud. But yeah, that’s us.

    Where was I? Oh right. The groups, the labels, the names given but never chosen. Look around your lunch room. There’s a table with teachers right? Surrounding them are the teachers’ pets and school flirts, correct? In the back corner you tend to find the geeks and nerds, and across the room from them are the popular kids. That brings me to the point I’m trying to make here. The four most popular guys in our school sit there. One just happens to be my neighbor, so let’s start with him. Luke Hemmings. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous. Makes me sick.The guy can’t even find his way out of a paper bag. He’s some sort of ladies’ magnet apparently. I don’t see it. But his best friend is a little better. Some sports jock named Calum Hood. Two-time soccer captain for the school, and led them to state victory twice. He plays it dumc, but he’s in my AP Chemistry class. I have a sense of respect for the boy. Next is Michael Clifford. I tend to call him Party Central. He’s the one who you hear from the other girls how he rocked their world in bed that night. He’s the one who brings the alcohol to the parties, no questions asked. Finally, is Ashton Irwin. The class clown. He pull pranks on the principal and makes stupid remarks in class. Most people call him “The Legend” but I just call him extremely idiotic. Doesn’t he know these things go on your permanent record? These four are the exact opposite of my group, the school nerds.


    “Cassie, put number 43 on the board please.” Mr. Pool groaned. I stood and scribbled the complex problem on the whiteboard with black expo marker ink. I then shuffled back to my seat and doodled on my paper. “Thank you, Miss Jones.”

    “No problem.” I shyly chirped. A long arm was raised into the air.

    “Wait, I don’t get it.” Luke squinted at the board as if that were to expand his mental capacity.

    “Mr. Hemmings, I don’t know how to help you other than suggesting a tutor, again.”

    “I don’t need one, Aquaman.” He winked, and five girls surrounding him sighed in awe. I rolled my eyes at his complete incompetence and lack of respect.

    “Cassie, would you mind.” Mr. Pool asked.

    “Is there anyone else that could do it?”

    “Let’s see.” He smiled. “Did anyone else get this answer?” Two people raised their hands. “Can anyone else explain how they did it?” The hands dropped. “The answer would be no then, Miss Jones.”

    “Okay.” The bell then rang.

“My house, right after school, we can walk there together since you are my neighbor.”

“Wow, I’m surprise you formed coherent words considering you can’t add two plus two without a calculator.”

“I can so!”

“Sure you can.” I added sarcastically and tucked a curl behind my ear. He then stormed away and I took it as a silent victory.

“Cassie!” It was my sister. The girl was weaving through the halls with her bright blonde hair sticking up in all directions.

“What, Paisley.”

“I heard from Rachel who heard from Sofia who heard from Lindsay who heard from Kaitlyn that the Luke Hemmings is looking for you!”

“The Luke hemmings? You just missed him and he wasn’t looking for me. I have to tutor him tonight anyways, so if he needs to talk to me I guess he will just find the time then.”

“B-but! It’s The Lucas Robert Hemmings, a.k.a. the hottest guy in school a.k.a. the typical lead male role in any romantic movie ever!”

“Real life isn’t some cliche movie, Paisley.”

“You don’t know that” She huffed and turned away from me into a tall figure behind her. Calum Hood. This is starting to get suspicious. He smiled.

“My bad. You’re Paisley right?”

“Yup, that’s me! Calum?”

“That’s the name. Want to catch a movie some time?”

“Seen ‘em.” She chirped.

“All of them?”

“Of course! Unless that’s totally uncool and then we can go watch a movie or something like that.” She babbled on and spoke in a ridiculously too quick of a speed.

“No, it’s fine. I forgot how much you love movies and books and those kind of things.” He quickly shifted his eyes to the side and back to her. “How about frozen yogurt?”

“You’re lying!” She gasped.


“Your little eye twitch. You are lying!” She turned away from him and we both walked away, leaving him dumbfounded in the hallway. “You caught on didn’t you?” She asked guiltily.

“Yeah, immediately. Those jerks are just going to play us as fools. How did you notice the glance?”

“It’s a thing I picked up from watching too many mystery films.”


“Let’s go to lunch.” She murmured.

“Yeah, I’m starved.”


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