When you are the target of the most popular boys in school... What are you supposed to do?


5. A prize, a game

I slapped Luke on the back of the head.

"What the hell? You didn't need a tutor!"

"I'm not an idiot like you think! We are both in the same AP math class! Did it ever occur to you that maybe I'm smart?"

"No! Try acting like you have a brain larger than a pea sometime and maybe I'll think you are smart!" The yelling match continued between us.

"Why do you hate me so much? We were best friends! We grew up together! We used to date for god's sake!"

"Once we reached high school you abandoned me!" I paused. I felt tears stinging my eyes and pure rage was in his face.

"You cared too much about your stupid image and left me as soon as you got something better! It's so stupid! To think I-" I then stopped. No. I didn't say that.

"What?" He said, clearly pissed off.

"I'm leaving."

"You won't or I'll blackmail you. I'll tell Mr. Pool that you didn't stay."


"Now finish what you were saying."


"Excuse me?"


"Tell me right now or I will fail math. So you have to come back every day."

"Dammit. Fine!"

"Did you just cuss?"

"Sure." I huffed.

"Wow. Now finish the sentence."

"I was going to say I still had feelings for you but that's over now. Don't even try to change my mind because it won't wor-" He then kissed me. He cuffed my cheek and pressed his lips against mine. Surprisingly I kissed back,until I realized what I was doing, and then I shoved him off.

"You broke up with me, remember? You screwed me over. Now leave."

"No. I'm staying until you explain."

"My parents just pulled up so you are coming to my room." He then dragged me up the stairs. We made it to his room and he shit the door and locked it. He then began kissing me. I didn't understand he just tried to kick me out and now he is kissing me? I didn't shove away this time though. He began to kiss my next and then went back to my mouth. We moved in sync and he reluctantly pulled away. "I have been waiting to do that for four years now. Four. I have always cared about you Cassie."

"Is this part of the prank?" I said, beginning to tear up once again.

"No. I came up with the prank so I could get back together with you without the guys asking questions."

"Really you needed an excuse?"

"Well, you know." He shrugged. I stormed away back downstairs to the living room. I grabbed my things. Said hellos to Mrs. Liz and Mr. Andrew. And then left to my house. I couldn't stop thinking of him though. It's weird how different we are. No wonder our relationship. The beautiful creature that he is will never be me. He will never be who I want him to. He wears black jeans and band tees and doesn't bother to put a smile on his pierced lips. I don't get how he is so smart but plays it so stupid. He doesn't care about others and doesn't care enough to even give anyone the attention they deserve. He does his own thing all the time and it's so extremely attractive. He makes it look like I'm the only one he cares about but I know he doesn't. I know it's just a sick twisted game he and his friends are playing. I can't get attached to him, but somehow I find myself still falling for him. I feel the same way I did in middle school. I bet you weren't expecting that, we're you? That I was in love with the Lucas Robert Hemmings. I was well aware he was the hottest guy in school. I used to know everything about him. He's different now. He's not the kid that ate fruit gushers with me at the playground anymore. He's not the boy that brought me flowers he picked when I scraped my knee. He's the boy that I broke up with because he abandoned me at my eighth grade dance. The one who laughed at me when I tripped in the school cafeteria on the first day. He's the one who kissed me not out of love, but out of lust. He knew I was something he had to work for, so he saw me as a prize, as a game, not as a girl.

A/n: I loved writing this chapter bc Cassie now seems human and isn't a total bitch she now has her reasons I also am happy bc we got more followers than usual today and that makes me very happy You guys keep me sane Love you -Bri xx

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