Still the one

Tara a girl who hides and has and abusive father. When a rebel takes interest she opens up until everything goes wrong but then the boy asks for a second chance she is torn between two decisions.


7. The date

Tara's point of view 

Today is the day I go on a date with Calum I picked out a pierce the veil shirt , dark blue ripped skinny jeans , and black boots also some eyeliner and lip balm. I heard my door bell ring I open the door and saw Calum standing there 

Calum-" ready " 

Tara-" yeah " 

We get in his car and drive to the park 

Tara-" awesome picnic hood" 

Calum-" I knew you would like it " 

It got slient for a moment 

Tara-" why did you want to go out with me " 

Calum-" I really like you and wanted to make up for all the years I've been mean too you " 

Tara-" okay just wondering " 

Is that the truth or did Ashton put him up for this here I am doubting but Calum deserves someone who is like him.

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