Still the one

Tara a girl who hides and has and abusive father. When a rebel takes interest she opens up until everything goes wrong but then the boy asks for a second chance she is torn between two decisions.


20. I missed you

Tara's point of view 

Sitting on a bench watching people walk by for awhile then finally I get up I missed Ashton even after what he did calum was a great boyfriend but I felt like I wasn't right for him maybe it's the same with me and Ashton no matter how much he gives me butterflies I haven't talked to Ashton in 8 days I mean he already has a girlfriend so that blew me away I just want to be with Ashton all of these heartaches don't make me feel any better I walk down the road it's dark out its cold but I don't care just focusing on the steep hills until I stop at the top then I turn to a cliff I look down and see waves so many thoughts running through me should I die, forget about Ashton, or take Ashton back I have no idea which one would make my life better before I could say anything someone called my name 

Ashton-" Tara " 

I turn around and run into Ashton's arms he hugs me back tightly I feels so right so be in Ashton's arms.

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