Still the one

Tara a girl who hides and has and abusive father. When a rebel takes interest she opens up until everything goes wrong but then the boy asks for a second chance she is torn between two decisions.


24. Ending

Tara's point of view 

Laura-" hey Ashton wants to talk to you " 

Tara-" thanks " 

I walk out into the hall and see Ashton 

Tara-" what " 

Ashton-" look I'm sorry for everything I did for the past years and this year Tara I love you and how long it took for me to realize that was confusing but now I know what I want and it's you " 

Tara-" well I'm with Blake " 

Ashton-" oh really cause Layla just got together with him look Tara I really want another chance" 

It's killing me wrong or right and no matter what he did nothing will make me stop loving him so.....

Tara-" I'll give you another chance " 

Ashton-" thank god " 

We hug now everything is back to the way it was.

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