Still the one

Tara a girl who hides and has and abusive father. When a rebel takes interest she opens up until everything goes wrong but then the boy asks for a second chance she is torn between two decisions.


9. Break up plan

Calum's point of view 

I see Ashton with Layla my ex-girlfriend for some reason I feel jealous even though I'm with Tara but I still have feelings for Tara what's going on.

Ashton's point of view 

Ashton-" will you " 

Layla-" that's only if I get Calum back " 

Ashton-" you will and I get Tara " 

Layla-" then yeah I'll do it " 

Ashton-" great " 

Finally I get to try to get a date with Tara 

Luke-" does Tara even know you are doing this" 

Ashton-" no " 

Michael-" here's a better question why didn't you ask Tara out before " 

Ashton-" I was going to until Calum had to ruin it " 

Luke-" and you actually think Tara will date you after all of this " 

Ashton-" yeah " 

Michael-" what if she finds out " 

Ashton-" she won't until the day I ask her to marry me " 

Luke-" there's no way you can keep the secret in that long " 

Ashton-" can't be that hard " 

Michael-" says the dumbass who is gonna end up telling her either way " 

Ashton-" just wait until 3 years from now " 

Luke-" more like next month "

Ashton-" shut up ".

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