New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


2. Two

My mouth just hangs open. I stare at him and he rocks back on his heels. I can feel my face start to heat up and my eyes start to water. 

"I-I j-just wanted t-to say h-hi." He knits his eyebrows in confusion.

"Hi then?" I gape at him for five more seconds.

"This didn't go as planned... See you at home then Cal." I whip back on my heels and start walking back home. I can feel his eyes at my back as his brain puts the pieces together. 

"Hey! Wait!" I hear him shout but don't bother looking behind me. I turn on the corner and see that he is just standing in Liz's doorway. I get home and close the door behind me.

"How'd it go?" My mom shouts from the kitchen. 

"He didn't even know who I was. I feel like an idiot."

"No baby your not an idiot. How about you go upstairs, take a long shower and get some rest. Okay?"

"Sounds good." I nod my head and make my way upstairs. I finish unpacking after another hour then I hop into the shower. I get out after 45 minutes and get changed into comfy pj's. I lock the door to my bedroom and go to sleep. Tomorrow is Sunday and then I have school. 

I open my eyes to the sun streaming in. I hear a soft knock at the door. 

"Libby? You awake?" I hear my mom and sigh gratefully. I open the door and she smiles. 

"Calum will be back later today so how about you go out and do some shopping and get some coffee." I smile at her and nod. She hands me $200.

"Mom no that is way to much."

"Just take it. You need a good, relaxing day." I smile at her thankfully.

"I'll leave you to get ready."

"Thank you for everything."

"No problem dear."

I close the door and pick out a yellow knee length dress that has one strap around the neck with a more open back. It's very comfortable and casual for a dress. I straighten my hair and put and some mascara and eyeliner with light pink lipstick. I grab my purse and put the money in there. I grab my keys and head out. My mom got me a 2010 Dodge Avenger. It's pretty new and I love it. I get in, back out of the driveway and head into Sydney. 

I go to the coffee shop first. I order a hot chocolate and sit down. Another girl who looks about my age walks in. Her hair falls down her mid back. It's blonde and fades into blue. She glances at me and then does a double take and looks at me again. I smile at her and she smiles back. She orders her coffee and walks my way.

"Can I sit?"

"Yeah of course."

"Do you recognize me?" I study her and a little sense of recognition goes off. 

"You seem familiar."

"Are you Libby? Libby Hood?"


"No shit! I'm Taylor! Taylor Burke!"

"From fifth grade?" She whips out her phone and shows me her lock screen. A huge grin appears on my face.

"I have that picture from the fifth grade recital!"

"That's awesome! How come your back in town? Didn't you move to America?"

"Yeah but I was really missing Mom and Calum so I came home for my senior year."

"What school?"

"Lincoln High?"

"Your coming back to the same school and everything! I hope we have classes together!"

"Me too." I can't help but smile at my luck.

"So where is Calum?"

"I don't know. I've seen him once in the past seven years and that was yesterday and he didn't even recognize who I was."

"That's sucks. What are you up to today?"

"My mom wants me to go shopping and have a relaxing day."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Go ahead." I smile at her. I think I've found an old friend.

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