New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


12. Twelve

I throw my stuff into my locker and grab my backpack and rush out of the school. I climb into Calum's car and wait. He gets in about 2 minutes later with Taylor climbing in the back. Luke gets in next to her. 

"Michael and Ashton will be behind us." I nod my head and he starts the car and drives us home. I get out of the car the second it slows down. Taylor is out with me and we walk into the house. She follows me upstairs into my room.

"Cool room." She looks over at the piano. "Do you play?"

"Not for people."

"Come on let's see what you've got." She sits down and starts to play a classical song. "My parents made me get lessons." She mumbles.

"That was good." Calum says. Luke right behind him. "Can you play?" Calum asks me. I nod my head and he waves to the piano.

"No." I say simply.

"Why not?"

"I don't play for people."

"Then why do you have a piano in here?"

"These are soundproof walls. I have a lock on my door."

"I wanna hear you play."

"To bad for you." I smirk at him. Luke and him come in and sit on my bed. I sit on the chair and listen to her play. I give her a piece of sheet music.

"Can you play that?"

"Yeah I should be able to." She starts to play Fight Song and I play the guitar. The boys just listen and by the time we finished I hadn't realized that the other two walked in.

"You guys are really good." I roll my eyes and laugh.

"Why didn't you sing?" Luke asks me, his eyes soft.

"I don't sing in front of people either." He chuckles to himself. 

"Alright get out." I usher everybody out of my room and into Calum's. Michael and Ashton brought 3 pizzas. Michael starts up Calum's play station right away. I grab a piece of cheese pizza. I watch Michael and Calum play FIFA. Luke gets up and sits next to me at the back of the bed. Ashton sits on the foot of the bed watching and texting and Taylor joined in playing FIFA after she finished her pizza. Luke grabs some of my blanket and puts it on him. I don't look at him and just stare at the screen. He scoots down so his head is level with my shoulder. He leans his head on my arm as he texts Mackenzie. His hair is really soft. Soon enough an hour has passed. Then another. 

"Guys we should do something." Ashton breaks the silence. 

"We can swim?" Calum suggests. I nod my head and Taylor and I go to get changed. I've got high waisted bikini bottoms so they cover my hips but fall below my belly button. Then I have a regular bikini top. Everything is black. I change into it and quick go into the bathroom while Taylor changes. I take off my make up and add some waterproof mascara. I go out and she's ready. I toss her a towel and we go down wrapped up in the towels. 

The boys are already down there ready to go. She drops her towel first and does a smooth dive into the pool. She comes up and smiles. The rest of the boys smile too and jump in. At first I don't want to drop my towel because I'm really self conscious about my body, but I just man up and do it. I turn around and see Luke staring and blush. I try to cover my stomach up with my hands. I step into the pool and swim out to them. We play marco polo and one time Luke threw me in. It started to get dark so we all said our good byes and everybody went home.

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