New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


13. Thirteen

***One week later***

Libby's POV

"Luke just shut the fuck up!" I snap my head and look out the balcony. I left it open to let in some fresh air.

"Don't fucking talk to me that way! What the hell do you want me to do?"

"Leave her the fuck alone! Just ignore her!"

"How the fuck am I supposed to do that Mackenzie? She's his sister!" 

"If you can't do that, then we're done!"

"Don't do this." I see Luke. His back is slouched over and his head is in his hands. I watch as Mackenzie storms off. Luke turns and looks right at me and his back goes ramrod straight.

"What the hell do you want? Are you happy now?" He yells at me. I just stare at him. He glares daggers at me and I can tell he's about to lose it. I can see his expression. I know what he's going to do. He storms into the house. I start to panic and I climb down my balcony. I climb over the fence to his house and let myself in. I run upstairs to his room and try to open his door. It's locked. My heart is pounding in my chest. I look at the lock and see that it's pretty simple. I take out a bobby pin and wiggle it around until I hear a click. I swing open his door and look around. I see the bathroom door peaked open and before it can get closed I run inside. Then I see him.

He's got a blade pressed to his wrist and tears streaked down his face. I choke out a sob. 

"Don't do it." I sob. He whips his head to look at me like he's just noticed I'm here. His eyes are red and puffy from crying. I slowly walk over to him.

"It's your fault." He mumbles out. "It's your fucking fault." He glares up at me and in a flash he's up and has me pinned to the wall. He's dropped the blade but still has me pinned. A sigh of relief escapes my lips. He just stares into my eyes. I can see a lot of pain in his like he's trying to hold his composure. I look him right in the eye and loosen my wrist from his grip. He doesn't break eye contact when he let's go. Then I move my hand to the hem of my shorts and pull down slowly. I raise my eyebrows at him waiting for him to look. He breaks the eye contact and looks down.

I wince when i hear the gasp escape his lips.

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