New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


10. Ten

We get to art and the teacher is telling us the seating chart. I get put into a spot and Taylor is across from me. There is an empty stool next to me. I stare at it dreadfully. Then Luke, Calum, and Michael all walk in together. Calum gives me we have to talk look. I look away not wanting to see him. Mr. S tells them where they are seated. I see him point Luke to our table and I curse under my breath. Taylor cracks a smile. I give her a look and it gets bigger. 

"Miss me?" He says when he sits down. I ignore him trying to play this through. "Silent treatment huh?" He whispers in my ear. I start to fidget with my hands. "I bet you'll crack." I turn and glare at him and he's got a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes trying to keep my composure. Mr. S starts talking about art stuff but I can't focus. Luke rested his hand on my leg and I flinch and slap it away. He starts to chuckle under his breath. I can see him smirking from the corner of my eye but I don't look at him. I try to focus but he rests his hand there again and watches me to see my reaction. My leg twitches. I try to ignore him and ignore the feelings he's giving me by doing this. Finally I can't take it anymore and I shove it off. Our assignment for the next month is to draw an exact replica of someone at our table's face. I immediately choose to draw Taylor. She wants to draw me too and so does Luke. 

"Why won't someone draw me?" He says pouting. Taylor rips out a sheet of notebook paper and starts scribbling on it. When she hands it to him I see that it's a pile of shit will devil horns. I laugh and Luke smirks and rolls his eyes. We start to get to work and he talks about measurements for everything. I start to draw. I've done a lot of art classes so I know this will be easy. I almost completely finish drawing the shape of the head when Luke puts his damn hand on my thigh again.

"Fuck Luke, knock it off." I turn to him. He chuckles and moves his hand. 

"I knew you'd crack."

"I should've known you were a fucking idiot." I respond. I just laughs more and Taylor just smiles as she draws. The bell rings a couple minutes later. I head off the some computer class. Of course Luke is following me. Which of course means Mackenzie is pissed. I walk past them both and I can feel his eyes on me. We get there and get to pick our seats. I don't have this class with Calum, but I have it with Michael. I sit down and Taylor sits on the other side of me. Michael sits on the other side of her and gives me a sad concerned look. I just look away. I don't want to do this but I know I have to to make her leave me alone. Luke enters class and sits next to me. He also happens to be sitting at an end seat.

"Luke there isn't enough room for me." Mackenzie says. Luke just shrugs. She taps my shoulder and I turn to her. "Will you please move?" She smiles at me. I don't want to fight.

"Sure." I start to get up but Taylor pulls me down and I can't help but wince. Some of the pain has gone away but not all of it. She shoots me an apologetic look. 

"Sorry Mackenzie this seat is taken." She glares at her. Mackenzie huffs and walks away.

"I was going to move. " I say to Taylor and Luke.

"You don't have to move for her." Taylor says.

"She's right you don't." Luke adds on. 

"When did you get on her side?" Taylor mockingly asks him. 

"I'm not just some idiot douchebag." 

"Sureeee." I roll my eyes at them and focus on Ms. Dwyer. Our first assignment is to make an account on the website we'll be using. I quickly do that and she says we can just talk the rest of the hour. I nod and sit down. Taylor is talking to Michael about what happened in gym. I scoot next to Luke and poke his face.

"Watchya doing?" I look at him with eyebrows raised.

"I don't think I'll ever understand you."

"Will this is our first day meeting."

"Yeah and its been one hell of a day." I just laugh and nod. It sure has.

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