New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


7. Seven

//A/N: I know there has been a lot of Calum pov's, but it's just to describe the situation better. It will go on between the two of the them throughout the book. ~Cami//

Libby's POV

I look over my shoulder at Calum and Taylor. I can tell she's a little uncomfortable. I'm assuming this is the 'crowd' she was talking about earlier. The one she practically hates. I feel bad for putting her in this position, but I know she'll make the best of it. From what I remember of elementary school and from these few days is that she is pretty badass. 

From what I can tell is that she tried to talk to him but he's choking on his words. Weird. 

A hand waves in front of my face.

"Hey. Um. I'm Luke." He sticks out a hand for me to shake and I grab it. I shake his warm hand and offer him a smile. He returns the favor and then walks into a classroom. I can only assume this is the English room so I follow him in. The board has a seating chart written down. I'm seated next to Luke at the back corner of the room. I go there and sit down and when Calum finds his name on the board the color drains out of his face. He's seated right in front of us next to Taylor. I give them both a strange look and she raises her eyebrows at me. He just looks at me with a panicked expression. 

"So how do you like it here so far?" I look over at Luke. He looks really nervous. He's tapping his foot and wiping his hands on his jeans.

"It's okay." I reply simply, suddenly getting nervous as well. I finally get a good look at Luke. He's tall, blonde hair spiked into a perfect quiff. He's got piercing blue eyes that captivate you. He's got a cute nose and broad shoulders that gives me the urge to rest my head on them. He's got perfect teeth and huge dimples. He's hot. 

Before the silence gets anymore awkward, the teacher walks in.

"Alright class. I'm Ms. Matthews. Today is just getting to know the people around you. You'll have these seating charts until the second semester." She turns and sits down in her desk sorting through papers. 

I look over at Luke and he's texting. I sit there awkwardly. He takes a break from his phone, puts it away, and looks at me.

"Girlfriend?" I ask. I regret it immediately because I sound nosy. 

"Yeah." He nods his head. I offer him a weak smile. 

"Is she in this class?"


"What's her name?"

"Mackenzie." I nearly choke after he says this. Taylor turns around and looks at me.

"You okay?" I give her a look that says we need to talk later. She nods her head.

"You guys want to join conversations with us?" Calum asks. I nod my head and send him a look that says thank you.

"So. How was school in America?" Luke asks trying to break the tension.

"It was fine. Pretty easy." I look at him and nervously look away. I still can't get a grip on the fact that he's dating Mackenzie.

"So why were you freaking out earlier?" Calum looks at me.

"Umm." I look at Taylor in panic. She looks between me and Luke.

"Oh shit." She starts to laugh.

"What?" We all say in unison.

"Did he tell you he was dating Mackenzie?" I nod my head and she laughs harder.

"Oh honey. You don't need to make your opinion because of what I think. Wait till you meet the bitch." She laughs again to herself.

"She's not a bitch." Luke says in a low voice.

"Calum, I suggest you watch out for her."

"Why do you say that?" Calum looks over at her.

"A few reasons. 1: The way Luke was looking at her earlier. She didn't like that." Luke and I blush and I look at the floor. Calum clenches his fists.

"2: If she's hanging out with me, she's already on the top of her list. And 3: Mackenzie doesn't like competition. She has every class with Luke. That's not going to go over well." She laughs once more to herself then looks right at Luke like she's challenging him to tell her she's wrong. 

"Well what if she's with our group. Kenzie won't target her then."

"Who do you think she's going to hang out with? You, Michael, Ashton, and this jerk? Or me?"

"At least I'm not a stuck up bitch." Luke growls at her.

"At least I'm not dating a stuck up bitch." She laughs back.

"Guys calm the fuck down." I snap at them both.

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