New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


1. One

"DAD!" I yelled from across the house. "HURRY UP! WE'VE GOT TO GO IN TWO MINUTES!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I hear him pad down the stairs. He opens the door for me. "My lady." He grins goofily and do a little curtsy. We both laugh and pile into the car. He starts it up and drives to the airport. 

"Play some tunes already jeez." My dad smiles over at me. 

"Your asking for it." I turn on the radio and connect it to my phone and play shake it off by Taylor Swift.

"Seriously?" I turn up the radio so the whole car vibrates.

"Can't hear the haters!" I shout to him. He just rolls his eyes and starts jamming with me. We pull into the airport parking let 20 minutes later and we start to unload my luggage. 

"I can't believe this is my last time with my baby girl."

"Daaaadddd. I'm not a baby anymore. That's why I'm moving back to Australia in the first place."

"Yeah yeah yeah. You'll always be a baby to me." I roll my eyes at him and we've got all five of my suitcases. We get their just in time and they call for my flight. I set my luggage on the ramp and go through the security. I give my dad one last hug and he kisses my forehead.

"Love you rockstar." 

"Love you too." I wave at him when I go through the doors to board the plane. He's starting to cry and I don't want to see that. When I'm on the plane I have a window seat and I put my earbuds in and wait for the plane to take off.


I wake up to the plane starting to set down. I stretch and a small yawn escapes my lips. I put my phone away and wait for the plane to land.

We slowly file off the plane and I go to the luggage ramp. I pull off all five of mine and look around for my mom. I haven't seen her for two years. That was the last time I visited. I see a sign in the air that says, 'LibbyI walk over there and see my mom. I wave her over to my bags and she starts to jog over here. When she's about 5 steps away I meet her in a huge hug.

"My baby girl has gotten so big."

"Mommm. It's only been two years."

"Two years is a long time."

"Where is he?" I look at her. Her face falls a bit.

"He isn't home."

"How convenient." I sigh.

"I know baby I know." She kisses my cheek and grabs some of my bags.

"Let's get you settled and then we can start planning revenge." I smile at her and nod my head. 

I guess I should explain. The last time I saw my brother was when I was ten. Seven years ago. We were saying goodbye when I had to move. I have visited home twice and he has been gone both times. The first time I understood because Mom sent him to America to be with my dad. The second time he was with his friends for the last week of summer. He didn't come around once for Mom to tell him he couldn't go. So the only contact I have with him is texting every once in a while to check in. 

The car ride is short and soon enough I'm walking into my old house. We lug the bags upstairs into my room and she's redone it. My brother and I completely have the second floor. My room is huge with a piano in the corner and its own bathroom plus a walk in closet. I have a queen sized bed and a chair next to the grand piano. The walls are painted turquoise with pink and purple polka dots. I can't help but smile at how perfect it is.

"Do you like it?" I turn to my mom.

"I love it. It's perfect."

"I called him and he will be home tomorrow afternoon. But if you want to see him now I know where he is."

"I'd like to see him now if that's okay." 

"I'll give you directions."

I start walking around the block. I could've hopped the fence but that would've been weird. He was at one of his friend's houses that is right behind ours. I finally get there. It looks a lot like ours structurally. I walk up to the front door and knock. A middle aged woman who I recognize immediately opens the door. 

"Hey Liz! Is... Is Calum here?" My voice cracks a little bit. I'm so nervous. She smiles and nods. 

"Calum! Someone is here to see you!" She smiles at me and walks away to give us some alone time. I see him walk to the door. He looks so different I can barely recognize him.

"....Can I help you?" 

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