New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


11. Eleven

The bell rings to go to lunch. We all grab our stuff and leave. I walk to my locker and Luke follows me to his. I didn't willingly walk with him. We both put our stuff in our locker when Mackenzie comes up and starts making out with Luke. While they're sucking faces she slams my locker door closed. I didn't need it open anyway, so I just walk away. I get into the cafeteria and grab a tray. I look around and find Taylor. I sit next to her and she smiles. I pick up my pizza and take a bite. I set it down and I grabbed the apple off her tray.


"You can have my pizza." She rolls her eyes an grabs it off of my tray. I bite into the apple as the boys sit down. And Mackenzie. 

She practically sits right on top of Luke, who sits right across from me. I just ignore it and eat my apple. Calum slides in next to me.

"Are we still hanging out after school?" He whispers in my ear. I look over at Taylor and she nods her head at Mackenzie. I make sure he sees that.

"She won't be there. Just us and the boys." He looks at us pleadingly.

"Fine." I huff. He grins in victory and I smirk at him. I finish my apple and wait for Taylor to finish. 

***Skip to 8th hour***

I walk into the only class I have without Taylor. I sit down at an empty table in the back and pull out a book. I'm reading Looking For Alaska. Everyone piles into class before the bell rings and two random people sat at my table. The teacher walks in and right away starts with the seating charts. Of course I'm seated next to Luke and Mackenzie. Luke sits in the seat next to me and Mackenzie is across from us. I don't even look at her and just read my book. The teacher starts talking about the science fair that is coming up and how that's our first big grade. 

"'ll do this in partners, so match up quick." Luke taps my leg and I look at him confused. 

"You wanna be my partner?" I glance at Mackenzie and nod. She looks pissed and I'm content with that. She goes off with one of her friends. The teacher says today is just to think of your project. Since we're seniors it has to be chemistry related.

We decide on the classic baking soda and vinegar and to see of different chemicals can alter the reaction. We start filling out a worksheet and we finish with half the class left. The teacher says we can just talk.

"So what are we doing after school?" Luke asks me.

"I don't know." He groans.

"Why do you hate me?" I just laugh at him. I grab my book and read. "Come on I'm being serious." He gets closer so our shoulders are touching. That's enough to distract me from my book. I set back in my bag and cross my arms over my chest. He mocks me and does the same. 

"How did Liz get such an asshole of a kid?" He laughs and shakes his head. 

"Only to you sweetheart. Your kinda changing my life in one day."

"Sorry about that. I can always go back if you'd like?" I look at him seriously.

"Are you serious?" He looks at me shocked.

"If I ruin Calum's life by being here I'll leave in a second. He means a lot more to me than I do to him." I mumble out. Luke just looks at me shocked. 

"You can't leave." He murmurs.

"I will if I have to." I respond. The conversation took a sharp turn and I jump out of my seat as soon as the bell rings.

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