New Girl

"Luke," I gasp for air. "We can't keep doing this. We have to tell him."
"Fine," he groans seductively. "But it's your funeral."


18. Eighteen

Our lips move together in harmony. He lightly nibbles on my lower lip and releases my hands from the wall. He kisses up and down my jaw and on my neck with little love bites. I tangle my hands in his hair. He rests his hands on my waist. Finally he pulls away to get a breath.

"Well damn." I whisper. He chuckles and wraps an arm around my waist and we walk to the office. The lady stares at us skeptically. 

"Your gym teacher called ten minutes ago. Your a little late." She says.

"She wanted to walk on her own the whole way, and with it being such a long distance she had to take a lot of breaks. And she fell a lot." I smile weakly on that last part. I tried to look straightly at the lady but my head was still a little fogged up and my eyes just rolled back in my head.

I woke up a few minutes later to bright lights. Luke was telling the nurse that I did this a few times on the walk and he tried to carry me but I refused.

"She is so stubborn and she wouldn't and I didn't want to disrespect her and force her to let me carry her. Please do understand our lateness." She nodded her head as if she approved his story. She gave me some pain meds and told me to go home. Luke offered to take me and make sure I didn't pass out while I was on my way home. The nurse approved but called his mother to make sure it was okay. Liz, of course agreed. We headed back to my locker when the bell for third hour rang. Calum and Taylor both came directly to my locker to check on me.

"Luke is taking me home."

"I can take you home."

"That's okay you need to make sure Taylor doesn't kill Mackenzie."

"I'll come too."

"You guys would be okay with skipping class and just sitting at home while I nap all day?" 

"You were just going to sleep while Luke just sat in the living room?" Calum questioned.

"I assumed we would go to his house so he would have something to do."

"Well I'm coming. Calum you can text Michael and Ashton to see if they want to come too." 

"Already on it." Soon enough we were all walking to the parking lot, Luke still had his arm wrapped around my waist. He was basically carrying me now. I got in the car with Luke and the rest of the boys took there own vehicles and we all left the school. Luke rested one hand on my thigh as he drove.

"Luke I don't have the energy right now to do this, so don't get to comfortable. If you try this when I'm not drugged up and head injured, I will fight you." He smirked and shook his head at me. I just groaned at him. He was tapping a beat on my thigh and gave it the occasional squeeze. We pulled into my driveway and I immediately hopped out which was a big mistake. I fell straight to the concrete. I just lied there until Calum scooped me up and carried me into the living room. I was suppressing tears. 

"Are you guys still going to the beach tonight?" Calum just shook his head and rolled his eyes. I was wrapped up into blankets and soon enough I drifted off to sleep.

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