Feathers and Freckles

"Dean was never one to be quiet about how he felt. Very vocal in fact. He let everyone know, as soon as he felt it, Dean practically screamed it from the roof tops." | AU | 3.7K words | Contains swearing |


2. Feathers and Freckles

Feathers and Freckles


Dean was never one to be quiet about how he felt. Very vocal in fact. He let everyone know, as soon as he felt it, Dean practically screamed it from the roof tops. Well... literally more like.

He stood on top of the old school roof and shouted down at his year that was gathering for a field trip. After grabbing everyone's attention and waving his arms about, everyone confused as to how he got up there, several shoutings from teachers for him to get the fuck down and many more telling him not to kill himself, the whole place went quiet.

“I am in love with Castiel Novak!” He loudly announced.

Cas was that vaguely popular nerd, that got all the girls because nerdy is the new sexy... but he pushed every single one away. He was timid, clever, dry sense of humour and extremely caring.

And well... Dean was almost opposite and they say opposites attract. So that's what happened.

Everyone turned their heads to Cas, who was blushing a predominant dark shade of red on his cheeks by this time so it clashed with his messy black hair. He daren't look up, hating the attention. But everyone was cheering around him it was hard not to notice.

Unfortunately for Dean, he just tutted and turned around, getting on the coach as all the other people just stared at him.

Needless to say it was a somewhat awkward trip.

The next time their interaction occurred was when they were walking back home the following night. Cas held his little brothers hand as they crossed the street and Dean jogged up behind them, and began talking to Gabriel about Cas - in front of his face.

"Cas is so clever, yeah, you're lucky you take after him." "I love it when Cas outsmarts the teacher, you should see their faces! He's amazing." "Your brother is the best at football, you should come along to one of his games like I do sometimes. It's a beautiful, natural act of life when he performs. I look up to him, really." "I wonder why he's so modest, and he's got all the girls, and some guys, I suppose school is more important."

Cas was still embarrassed about the whole love confession thing, but he tried not to act differently. Who does that nowadays anyway? He just wanted it to be over and forgotten.

"What do you think Cas?" Dean suddenly asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"Hm? Sorry, what?"

"My shirt," he said simply; Cas looked down and liked it, but didn't know what exactly to say about it, so he squinted his eyes. "It’s boyfriend material, Cas," he winked.

He did not just play that card, did he? Oh my god he did, Cas thought to himself.

Cas rolled his eyes and carried on walking, a bit faster this time. It seemed Winchester wasn't giving up on wooing him anytime soon.

The next day Cas was keeping himself busy with his locker, sorting out everything. Everything had a place. Also, being the oldest in the school, he was getting all the attention, all the conversations and gossip from the younger years, and more people asking him about Dean than he hoped.

Even the teachers were giving him 'looks'. That's when he knew it was getting weird.

Out of no where Dean came up to him, skidding next to the locker with folded arms, red flannel rolled up, and a cocky grin on his face. Cas really wasn't in the mood.

"Hey, Cas," Dean began.

Castiel refused to make eye contact and had the most unimpressed expression possible while still sorting the contents of his bag and locker out.

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, angel?"

And Cas almost choked on the air around him. It's cheesy and classic, almost tragic that Dean has stooped that low for Cas. "Really... Dean?"

"Oh come on, it's an honest question, angel." Dean leant his side up the locker next to Castiel's and runs a hand through his hair. "Aw, you're breaking my heart."

"Goodbye Dean," Cas turned away, throwing his bag over his back, "I’ll see you in class."

So that day went terribly too. Charlie, his best friend, was constantly asking him about when he's going to go out with this Dean Winchester. The answer was always 'never'.

"Anyway, what do you care?"

"I want my bestie hooked up with the best looking guy in school! Everyone will be jealous, he's the best eye candy... come on, you've checked him out. Don't lie. All the people who swing his way have."

"You're gay and you've got Gilda. You don’t know anything."

"I can appreciate the human aesthetic! Just because I don't swing that way doesn't mean I can't spot a good guy when I see one!"

Cas refused to listen the encouragement of going out with Dean. Even Dean's friends came up to him over the next couple of days, asking him out for Dean. Countless times Victor, Garth, anyone in 'the gang'. Even Benny, who Cas thought was his enemy, turned out to be a very nice dude who was only trying to get Dean with someone who made him happy. Which was by all accounts very sweet of Dean.

Benny said Dean wouldn't stop going on about his eyes and his smile everyday, it was becoming concerning and boring for their group of friends.

It was kind of pathetic, Cas felt pity for Dean. Why was the boy so interested in him? Love was a bit far off the list, for some reason Dean decided that to be the best way to describe his feelings. It can't be, can it?

I mean, they were good friends but Dean got new ones, Cas didn't like people, their friendship groups changed. They were never close close. They talked, they laughed occasionally. But love? That's only true in fairytales.

If that was how it was, then Cas was going to try and shake him off. Throw the whole thing behind.

The following week, Cas was chatting happily with Charlie about the next Star Wars movie coming out, it was a beautiful day and the path was clear of people. All people but, of course, Dean.

The older Winchester came running up to Cas with a limp and made the two gay friends halt in their tracks. Charlie was grinning in wait of what Dean had to say this time.

Cas however was a bit more concerned, thinking some fight or whatever had happened, whatever scrape Dean got himself into. He put an arm around Dean and supported him up a bit, still weary of the whole 'love' thing.

"Do you have a bandaid?" Dean breathlessly asked, and Cas shook his head. "I hurt myself falling for you."

Cas took in a deep breath and put on an obviously fake smile, letting Dean go. "See you, sunshine." And this just gave him a reason to be a little pissed at Dean. With that he took Charlie's hand and awkwardly jogged off, dragging her behind him.

"Angel, please." Dean called out after, but then he saw the smile on Cas’ face when he looked back.

Dean honestly didn't know if Cas was genuinely not interested or if he just enjoyed the tease of playing hard to get anymore.


Skip forward a few days... or nights, and it's a Friday. Cas was on his bed, legs crossed with 'alternative' music on low reading a book. He left the large windows open so the cold air could help the humidity of summer leave his cramped room or at least compensate for living in the attic. He wasn't that glad he left them open though.

Out of no where: "Castiel! Angel, I know your windows are open and I can hear your music," Dean shouted from his front garden.

Cas angrily shoved his book down and perched on the window to see, surprise surprise, Dean with a red flower - a rose - in one hand and he looked like he'd just come back from working at the mechanics. That raw, ruggedly sexy look with a dreamy smile on his cute lips.

"Dean... are you serenading me?" Cas leant on his crossed arms on his knees, the bee pyjamas unapologetically showing off to Dean.

Dean tripped up backwards as he saw the silhouette of his love upstairs, his face lighting up even more. He was staring at the ruffled hair and the dim light behind him. "I-I can sing if you want me to, angel?"

"Yes, that would be nice Dean," Cas grinned down, enjoying his view and where the evening was heading.

Dean then proceeded to, and Cas noted very nicely, sing Toxic by Britney Spears in a minor key, much slower, for a minute and half Cas counted. At the end of it, Cas was clapping, but almost sarcastically. He'd developed fondness for Dean now, but that was it. Too soon to tell, and Cas was not putting labels on what he felt.

Then another pair of hands started to clap from the below window.

"Well done Dean!" It was Gabriel. Fuck.

"Gabriel, go to sleep! Dean's serenading me!" Cas called down.

Another window opened, the room next from Cas' and Michael popped his head out of the window. There was a rather disappointed look on his face, glancing from Dean to his brother. "I’m trying to sleep, fuck my brother later when I’m not here please!"

"Some one tell me why Dean Winchester is on our front lawn!" Anna, Dean's ex-ex-ex from 5th grade or something, was in the room next to Gabriel's on the ground floor. Now the entire generation of Novak kids were staring at Dean.

"Cas, honey, what's going on?" A voice came from behind Castiel and he froze.

Dean began backing away from the house, still having four pairs of eyes on him. It was daunting. But what made it worse was Castiel's mother suddenly coming into view behind Cas in his room.

"Goodnight, Cas!" He dropped the rose and began running down the road, away from the weirdest moment of his life. It could not get any more embarrassing than that, surely.

Castiel pushed past his mother and ran, or rather jumped, down the stairs and made the door fly open as he sprinted into the garden. There he skidded on his knees and picked up the delicate flower. With all the gentleness he was blessed with, he cradled it and put it in a glass vase by his window, visible if Dean were to ever walk by again.

And that he did. During the weekend Dean walked past at least five times, seeing his rose in the same position on Cas' window every time. That made him giddy with the thought. Drunk in love spring to mind.

On Monday, the school sweethearts were given the nickname Feathers and Freckles because some kid remembered the time Cas pointed out how freckles were angel kisses to Dean... and now Dean name for Cas was 'angel'. The pair were destined it seemed. According to the whole school.

Cas sat down at lunch with Charlie and her girlfriend. Gilda was sitting on Charlie's lap for the majority of the time, Cas couldn't help but smile at the two as they laughed and kissed.

"Hey, Cas," Dean said from behind where Castiel was sitting. Then he stepped forward and looked over at the rather giggly couple. "Charlie, Gilda."

"Hey Mr. Serenadererer, how'd that work out for you?" Gilda smugly said.

Dean ignored the snarky comments and sat down next to Cas. He put out his hand on the table, hoping Cas would take it. But obviously fucking happiness doesn't happen to Dean so he got no reaction. He turned to the book worm and licked his lips, his cheeks flushing a bit.

"Dean, if this is another over done and terrible pick up-"

"You're eyes are bluer than the Atlantic Ocean... and baby, angel, I'm all lost at sea."

"Dean..." He sighed. "You aren't ever giving up, are you?"

"You're... fucking gorgeous Cas. I hope you know it, you're not told it that often by people that care. My wooing will be done when you say you'll be mine, Cas," he softly laughed a little as he stood up, rubbing his shoulder briefly before walking away, annoyed and full of melancholy once again alone.

"So save us all the horror and heartbreak Cas, I'm BORED of you two tip toeing around each other!" Charlie said. "Please! He's in love with you!"


So the next encounter for this story happens at a sleep over *cue awkward no homo moments from the other boys in sleeping arrangements*.

Cas was happy to sleep anywhere, so he got one couch. Only the boys he was sleeping round were planning on setting him up with Dean. So naturally the other couch was taken up by Dean Winchester. Castiel could kill the boys if he had the energy left but there really was no point at all.

At around 1 AM there was silence. Dean was on his phone, face dimly lit up by whatever he was doing, and Cas was trying to get to sleep. It didn't help with the fact that Dean was the only other person in the room.

For some reason his heart was getting faster every moment he was with Dean. The sweaty palms, the headache and wanting to be kissed, held close, it was becoming more clear. His breathing sped up and he felt like he was going to faint. But that was the least of his worries.

Over the last three weeks Dean had made him love him back. He didn't want to believe it but that's what happened.

Suddenly Dean switched his phone off and took in a deep breath. Cas was waiting in anxiousness to see if Dean was going to say anything or just got to sleep or get up or anything.

"Do you know what I did last night?" Dean whispered from across the room.

Cas shook his head in the pillow then realised Dean wouldn’t be able to see him. "No... what did you do?"

"I looked up at the stars... and matched each one with a reason why... why I love you," he said a little more loudly, but with the same nervousness.

"Do you really mean it?"

"Life is too short, Cas. I know you're religious and believe in heaven and that lot but... I love you so god damn much it hurts."

Nothing was said after that. Cas didn't know what to say he was scared stiff of what would happen. The tension could be cut with a knife. They lay in silence until morning.

Even then, Dean woke him up with a coffee and his favourite radio station on. Ah, the sound of Chopin in the morning. The other boys were still asleep but Dean was determined to wake up and make Cas happy. Cas sighed as he breathed in the morning and let himself believe this is what it's like living with Dean Winchester.


Our final moment concludes with the tossing and turning of Castiel in bed. He couldn't sleep. No matter what position he was in, the amount of times he put his pillow in the fridge or took a shower. Or even when he was on his phone until an ungodly hour there was no getting him to sleep.

He put on his shirt and shoes, then slowly and delicately opened the front door out into the streets, hoping not to disturb his family.

The reason he was awake, the haunting of his mind, taking over his thoughts was all Dean. He barely realised it but it was all fucking DEAN WINCHESTER. Every waking moment Dean and that gorgeous, cheeky face and personality was playing out in his mind.

Fuck him, where ever he is, Cas thought to himself for all the hours of sleep he was deprived of.

Somehow he found himself standing outside the legendary house of Winchester. His feet took him here by mistake, on auto pilot, it was all an accident.

But maybe it wasn't.

There was still a light on in the room he believed to be Dean's. Not that he's seen the boy get dressed in there before. Ever. 

Cas, feeling reckless and having nothing to lose, began hesitantly walking up their path and over to the side Dean's room was at. There was a balcony outside his room, and Cas could, even in the darkness, just make out a direct route up there.

He began climbing up the ancient house and daren't look down for fear of falling. When he made it up there, he was still out of breath. He fixed his hair up, straightening his shirt out and getting the splinters, wildlife and leaves off of his bee pyjamas that he forgot he was wearing.

When looking through the windows he noticed Dean sitting on his bed and writing in a diary. What he was writing Cas couldn't make out, but at least he had the right Winchester.

"Dean?" He whispered quite loudly. Just enough for Dean to hear him.

Dean jumped up and slammed his diary and pen down in the scared fright. Then he saw Cas standing outside his room, being lit up by his lamp desk light. He made his way over and out to meet Castiel, then saw the ragged hair and heavy eyelids the boy was carrying.

"Cas? What are you doing here? You need to sleep," Dean guided him in, concerned that Cas was sleepwalking or going through a state of not being conscious.

They sat on Dean’s bed having awkwardly shuffled until they were comfortable.

"Is there a reason you’re here? Difficulty sleeping? Or having home trouble? It's okay, I’m here..." Dean comforted, sliding a hand on Cas' forearm and smiling a little at him.

"You know it's not my fault I fell in love back. You are the one that tripped me up," Cas argued pathetically. Yeah. This time he was the one being pathetic and God did he hate it.

"Now who's using the bad pick up lines?" Dean softly chucked and wrapped an arm around Cas, squeezing the still boy reassuringly.

Cas turned to Dean with hooded eyes and lazily brought a hand up to cup his jaw. They leant in for a kiss quickly, Dean not even prepared himself for the dreamy lips caressing his own deeply. Cas tilted his head then threaded his fingers through Dean's short hair and Dean rest a hand on his hip. After a moment of sleepily making out, Dean pulled away with a grin that could out-beam the sun.

"Can I stay here tonight? I can't sleep at mine... and I don't know if I can be bothered to move anymore," Cas asked then yawned immediately afterward, covering his mouth up.

"Like you even have to ask, angel."

They slipped under the covers with all lights off and just shared comforting warmth, the sound of their heart beats and breathing with light touches. Cas slung a hand over Dean's chest and grabbed his shoulder, breathing in his boyfriend, because that's what they became.

And finally Dean could rest his mission.


Bring us now to the present, Dean is at their home (yes, their own home) celebrating Cas' birthday with a BBQ with all friends and family there. It's been about eight years since they got together that night and Dean has something planned.

He coughs loudly just before everyone starts leaving, gathers everyone's attention with his arm waving and stopping of the music.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming here today to celebrate Cas' birthday," everyone cheers and Cas is standing at the front of the crowd, champagne in hand as he blushes.

It had been a great day (and birthday sex was definitely on the agenda) so he had no reason to not be happy about everything. It was all perfect.

"So if he'd like to come to the front now, angel?" Dean beckons him over, Benny nudges deep into his side with a smug grin on his face.

Cas shakes his head but the cheers and encouragement push him. He hands the half empty glass over to Charlie and jogs up to where Dean is standing at the centre of attention.

"I am in love with Castiel Novak," Dean reminds them all and Cas rolls his eyes, wanting to get his present and everyone to go home because a movie he loves will be on any moment.

Then Dean reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a little blue felt box, then, with a racing heart, sinks to one knee.

Cas claps his hands over his mouth to stop himself from screaming because holy shit this is actually happening to me.

The crowd gasps with him and the tense silence and build up begins. There's Charlie and Gilda's baby crying a little in the background but it just makes the moment even more perfect. Benny even holds his breath. It's tense, but with no reason. Dean already knows Cas will spend the rest of his life with him.

After a moment of awaiting, Dean opens up the box with shaking hands and holds out the silver ring up to Cas, who has tears brimming his eyes. With locked eyes, Dean asks the question. "I know... you told me I stole your heart... so it's only fair, uh, you steal my last name?"

Cas nods enthusiastically and brings Dean to stand with him, embracing Dean around his waist tightly. Yeah, this was the best day of his life.

Friends and family gather around the ecstatic couple and begin asking questions but the only one Dean is concentrated on is Cas. They still cling on to each other, even after slipping on the silver ring with the words Feathers and Freckles imprinted on the inside.

"Fuck, I love you," Cas pecks Dean's lips. "But why the pick up line? I'm already yours for life, baby."

Dean comically shrugs and hugs Cas tighter. "One last pick up line never hurt anyone."

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