By the light of the Moon

Moon is an average teenager- oh who am I kidding she's the weirdest advanced human/aquatic hybrid in the universe. And this book is from her, to you.


1. By the light of the moon

Hey there, person.

I'm Moon, born in Elkhart, Indiana. Never heard of it? Really? It used to be the music capital of the world until (thanks a lot criminals and idiots) the economy died?

Oh, well.

Just this once, I won't hold a grudge. This is a one time deal only valid for this instance now through whenever time ends. Which, unfortunately, might be pretty soon.

Yeah, I know you're freaking out now, all like, OMG!! What can I do to save the world?? Answer for the average person: stay out of me and my friends's way. But, if you're like me, if you're not normal, then you need to find me and my ragtag band of misfits as soon as possible. If you are the enemy, however, please revert your eyes to the answer for the normal people. It would really save me a lot of trouble if you listened to that. Anyways, for you people who think you are like me let me define the words 'like me'. 'Like me' means that you're smarter than everyone you know. High ability program, honor student, maybe moved up a grade or two. You also have odd colored hair. Not dyed, though. I was born with natural dark blue hair, Sky has purple hair, and Maxi has pale pink hair. If you have a natural wild hair color, it's one sign. And, the big takeaway, if you get a fish tail in salt water, you're probably one of us. We're- well, the only scientific name for us was Experment #60897. Yeah, they took away and mostly likely killed more than 60,897 kids before our 'generation'.

There are five people in the gang, Moon the Leader (that's me), Base the second in command, Zef the def one, Sky the fearless mama bird (or fish whatever), Maxi my personal favorite who was like a daughter to me, and Perseus the sassy eight-year-old.

Perseus is eight and very mature, despite being the youngest of us. Him and Maxi (9) are the only blood relatives in our gang. Well, with some hacking skill courtesy of your truly, we figured out that Zef (15) was their cousin. Funny how that works.

Maxi is still holding onto the hope that her parents will find her, or vise versa, and love her forever. Please. I've never told anyone this, so you better keep this tidbit to yourself, but Maci and Persass's mom was a hooker. Who died from drug use.

I have much better luck. My parents are a test tube and a turkey baster. Makes chemistry/science class and thanksgiving a little hard.

Sky is one of the strongest people I know. She is 13 years old and like a ferocious mama bear/fish to everyone in the flock except for me and Base. We don't know much about her family and we would like to keep it that way because I with my mind reading telepathic capabilities heard some of the thoughts of the scientists at OTEP and from what I heard her parents were pretty terrible people.

Zef, as I'm sure you could tell from his title, is def. The scientists at OTEP (organization to experiment on people) tried to give him super hearing and now he's def. I have devolved a little way to talk, but you don't need to know that right now. He's twelve.

Gavin is sixteen, and my second in command. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's like my brother. We're best friends.

I'm fifteen and the leader. That's all you need to know.

There used to be another one of us, my sister, Sunny. We don't talk about her. She betrayed us, and we don't know where she is. She looks exactly like me, and she has the opposite personality. I still remember when she turned on us.

I ran towards the genetically enhanced wolf and smacked it with a crowbar. That's what it deserves for trying to hurt my sister.

"Sun! Are you okay?" I asked.

She chuckled darkly, "Yeah," she said, pulling out a golden pocket knife, "but you're not." Then she ran at me and sliced my shoulder. I screamed in agony. She merely laughed.

"I work for OTEP and we will destroy you!"

That was one of the worst days of my life.

Aaaaaanyways, lay me start you off with the story of my life. If a song just popped into your head, then we cannot be friends.


I rubbed my eyes slowly as my ten-year-old self woke up from my nightmare.

"Sky," I murmured.

"You alright, Moon?" Asked eleven-year-old Gavin, poking his head into my room.

I shook my head.

"I miss her," I murmured a little louder so he could hear.

He walked over to me bed and crawled under the comforter with me, hugging my head to his chest.

"I do to, moonlight," he whispered to me softly, easing me back to sleep. I had no more dreams.

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