Ludus [n.h.]

"A little something called fuckery." | copyright 2015 seasidestyles


1. One


       Chapter One


   "Come dance with us, Lizzy!" Allie slurred, extending her free hand out for me to take as her other hand brought her red solo cup up to her lips to take a drink. I shake my head no at her, nudging her hand away with my own which causes an annoyed groan to slip past her lips. I chuckle at her response as I bring my own cup up to my lips to take a sip of my water. "You're no fun, you know that?" She huffs as she glares down at me. I just shrug my shoulders as I look around the room, my eyes eventually finding their way back to her blue ones.


   "I'm not one to drink nor party, Allie, you know that. This is completely out of my element so just give me some time to adjust to all of it." I state to her, but I know she won't understand me anyways since she is completely drunk off her ass.


   "But you promised!" Allie strained to me in a whiny tone, her foot stomping in the similar way of a child's. I had to hold back my laugh. The combination of the alcohol in her and her childish actions was a beautiful mix. 


   "I did not promise you a single thing." I say to her as I tap the rim of my cup, my lips pursed to the side. Her focus had drifted off elsewhere, neglecting to respond to the words I had just spoken to her. Typical. I rolled my eyes as I watched her stumble away from where I was sitting, her tall frame quickly disappearing in the mass of teens. I shrugged my shoulders as I brought the cup back up to my lips, peering off in the direction that Allie had wandered off to.


   It was the last big party of the summer so everyone who went to my school was here tonight. I guess it was like some type of way to start the school year off with a bang. Everybody would remember this night as well as probably talk about it for the next month. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they still continued to talk about it through the entire school year.


   I wasn't much of a party person nor one to consume alcohol so coming to this party was way out of the usual for me. But somehow, Allie and Nirvana had managed to kidnap me from my room and drag me here. 


   Watching all the bodies grind on one another, people taking drinks off of others bodies - if I can remember, I believe Nirvana called them body shots? - people consuming many cups of alcohol as well as smoking some type of drug really disturbed me. It made me feel really uncomfortable to be in this type of environment right now considering I was around a bunch of terrible influences. I was a goody goody - as people have referred me by - so I was always one to diligently follow the rules and do what was right...this was all so wrong. So very, very wrong. I mean a lot of people were shocked to see me here tonight, even I was shocked that I had allowed my friends to drag me here.


   The smoke in the room was thick, the music blasting through the speakers was at a high volume, the lights were way too dim. This place was beginning to freak me out to the max.


   Just as I brought my cup to my lips once more, I felt someone lightly drum their finger on my right shoulder. My eyes avert over to my right side as my lips are still attached to the rim of the cup, tilting it back slightly to take a drink.


   "Hey." The boy spoke to me as he stuffed his free hand into the front pocket of his jeans, his other holding a cup. A small smirk pulled at the corner of his lips which caused me to cock an eyebrow up.


   "Can I help you?" I ask in a rude tone. The boy standing before me looked drunk...or high. It was one of the two. I was still trying to figure out what a person looked like when they were either drunk or high. Like I said before, I am not usually around these types of people so I am unable to classify it. 


   "Well I was wondering if you would maybe want to dance?" He then asks me, his smirk growing wider. I just stare at him, a blank expression consuming my face. He clears his throat awkwardly as his stupid smirk is wiped from his face once he takes in my appearance. ", do you?" He nervously asks me. 


   "No thank you." I say before I turn my head to look back towards the crowded dance floor, trying to spot either Nirvana or Allie.


   "Come on, just dance with me. You can't just sit here all night and do absolutely nothing. I mean, come on this is a party after all. Let loose, drink a little." He then says as I feel his fingers wrap around my wrist, trying to pull me up out of the chair I was currently sat in, but I wasn't going to budge.


   "No." I sternly say to him as I retract my wrist from his grip.


   "No?" He laughed as if he were in disbelief that I had actually declined his offer.


   "Yes, no." I said to him, slower this time so his drunken mind could comprehend what I had said to him. His eyebrows furrowed together as he starred down at me, his lips turned down into a frown.


   "No one ever says no to me." He then mumbles his face shifting to look over at the crowded dance floor. Moments later, his head turned back to face me, his jaw was clenched as his stare was hard and cold. "You are going to dance with me whether you like it or not." He growled as he tried to pull me out of my seat for the second time that evening. 


   "I said no, and no means no." I say as I pour the remaining contents in my glass on his head. His mouth parted out of shock as well as his eyes widening. I took this opportunity to slap him across the face, causing his head to snap to the right from the sudden impact. Laughter was heard from all around us as they probably just saw the scene that has unfolded. I smirked as I began to walk towards the front door of the house, just wanting to leave. I don't care if Allie and Nirvana drove me here. I would rather walk than be stuck here for God knows how many hours.


   "Lizzy?" I suddenly hear which causes me to turn around and face Nirvana. Her eyebrows were knitted together as her mouth was parted slightly, "Where are you going?"


   "Anywhere but here. I'll see you guys on Monday." I quickly say before I stride out of the house, walking down the sidewalk, away from the bad environment.

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