A Letter To My Loved One

Tears. love. lies....cheers to the teenage years.


1. October 1st

     Dear Jesse, 

                         Two years ago, I messaged you for the first time at exactly 11:11 p.m. I remember how it all went down. I was sitting down at my desk with my friends all around me, when we came across your profile on Facebook. We all gushed at you. I'm embarrassed to admit but it always makes you smile when I'm embarrassed. And I still wonder why it makes me you smile. But now I wonder if anything I do will make you smile anymore....

     Anyway, my friend, Sasha, literally forced me to message you. With shaky hands, I typed the first ever message that I sent to you. I never thought you would respond or even look at the message. I mean I thought you were messaging 20 girls at the moment. But a miracle happened. You responded. I remember the whole conversation by heart.

October 1st

11:11 p.m.

                                       Alison: Hi :)

                                       Jesse: Hey.

                                       Alison: What's up?

                                       Jesse: Just working out ;). What about you? 

                                        Alison: Just wondering what person works out at 11:11 at night haha.

                                      Jesse: Haha. Clever aren't you? ;)

                                        Alison: Well what can I say? lol

                                      Jesse: You're different.

                                       Alison: Last time I checked I was Alison....

                                         Jesse: haha. No but for real. You aren't like any girl i have ever met.

                                       Alison: Heard that one before. Your game is weak bro. Plus that's way too soon.

                                          Jesse: haha. I'm being honest. Most girls just gush over me.                                                                                         Alison: Wow your life is so hard my friend lol

                                     Jesse: haha. So what made you message me? Did my eyes make you swoon? ;)

                                          Alison: Gag me. My friends made me message you.

                                         Jesse: Well I'm glad they did ;)

                                         Alison: ew. lol

                                         Jesse: You do realize girls are all over me right? And when I say something sweet to you,                                                        you just say that? Do you know how many girls will die to be in your place?

                                         Alison: Do you know how many of those girls are dumb and are drunk? :))

                                        Jesse: Not so nice are you? Haha it's chill though. You do have something about you I like.

                                         Alison: Um my eyes are up here! 

                                          Jesse: Haha. Cute and funny ;) I lucked out.

                                         Alison: Ew gross ;) 

                                         *Alison went offline*

     I never knew how much I would fall in love with you, Jesse. But I also didn't know how hard I would fall....


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