Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


14. Wedding Party

“No, walk slower” Karren shouted at us, “you two look like a bunch of fools they found on the street”. Karren was the family wedding planner that did only Ortega weddings. She shouted at bridesmaids, made everyone cry, but she pulled off a good wedding, if you were into the whole over the top thing.

    “Tori, I know that you are pigeon toed, but for godsake stop walking like that. You are gonna ruin the whole wedding” she cursed. Issac and Tori started laughing as they walked arm and arm down the wide aisle of the church.

    “Stop, just stop” Karren declared as she walked over to the pair. “You two buffoons need to stop you look like idiots, and are going to ruin this wedding” she grumped. She walked away from the duo trying to think she had gotten through to them.

    The chicken was partially, dry, but the creamy sauce made up for it. Tori sat next to Issac in the upscale restaurant in Lawrence. It had been the place where Linda and Cory met. They had been on a double date with two mutual friends when the two friends got in a fight then started making out. They walked off and started to get to know each other and the rest is history.

    “I would like to propose a toast, to Lory” Kanava announced (the best man).

    “They may be the most mischievous people that we know, but even then they are still great” Emma laughed.

    “To Lory” Juliet shouted!

    “To Lory” Issac and Tori agreed, clashing there sparkling cider (with a tiny bit of vodka) together.

    “So we are gonna go party and clubbing, you guys are underage so do you want us to sneak you in or go to the hotel and chill” Linda asked.

    He didn’t wanna miss hanging out with Tori, not one second of it. He was gonna do whatever she did.

    “I think I’m gonna go to the hotel, but if you wanna go you can” Tori said to Issac.

    “No, partying isn’t really my scene so I’m gonna go to the hotel too” Issac stated. Tori was happy he agreed, she wanted to hang out with him.

    “I will drive us back to the hotel. If you need anything, like your to drunk to drive, then call us” Tori said.

    “Okay, I probably won’t because Cory and I aren’t getting to drunk until tomorrow”

    “Kay, see you at the hotel” Tori said. Issac stood up and gave her locked arms with her as they walked out of the restaurant to Tori’s car.

They stood outside her car and watched as half her family walked to their cars and drove off to the clubs.

“Can you connect the bluetooth to my phone so we can jam as we drive to the hotel” Tori asked?

“Yea, I think I can figure out the buttons but I don’t make any promises” Issac informed.

Just as Tori started to walk to get into her car 2 big men, aproached her.

“Hey-yy there-e girl-lll” they slurred, “You look like you wanna have a good time-ee” the less drunk one slurred.

Tori, terrified opened the door to her car and got in swiftly. She closed and locked the doors fast, then fumbled to get the keys into the ignition.

“Tori calm down, you're okay” Issac confirmed, “if they get any closer I will get out and they won’t be happy if I do”.

“Oh, does the pretty lady not wanna dance” they harassed.

    “Okay, that’s it” Issac said trying to open the door. Before he could Tori started the car and drove off quickly, tears stinging her eyes.

    They finally got to the interstate and Tori stopped the car, tears streaming down her face.

    “Shhh, you're okay, I’ve got you. No one is gonna hurt you. I promise” Issac embraced. She was balling and he was just holding her letting her break down and cry. He had always figured that if you have to put your broken pieces together you need glue, and that your tears are meant to be your glue.

    “Don’t make promises you can’t keep” Tori cried.

    “I vow to not let another human soul ever touch you” Issac vowed meaning every word her said. Tori just cried in his warm, safe arms. “No one will ever hurt this beautiful girl in my arms”.

    “I’m just a broken girl, I’m not beautiful”

    They laid in the hotel room bed, Tori wrapped in Issac’s arms using him as her pillow. She felt broken and used outside of his grasp, but inside she felt as if she meant something, and that she belonged.

“I wanna go swimming” she declared.

“Whatever you wish is my command”  

Issac changed into his trunks (showing off his six-pack), then walked to Tori’s room to change into hers.

“Look away, also, I’m gonna need you to hook it after I get it on anyway” Tori teased. She snuck into the bathroom to slip on her bottoms, and got on her top then walked out for Issac to hook it.

“You know, this is the first time a girl has ever even been in the same room as me with only a bikini on. Nevermind had me hook one” Issac informed.

“Well, happy to be your first” they both smiled and then started laughing.

“To the pool” they shouted!

They ran down the hallway of the hotel to get to the elevator and turned it into a race.

“Give in Ortega”

“Not a chance Galmen”

Tori pulled ahead in the final few steps and pressed the button.

“Ha” she taunted.

“Fine” Issac sighed in defeat.

They got on the elevator, with about seven other suit dressed men, in bikinis and boardshorts.

“So gentlemen, how were the board meetings today” Issac asked? Tori died laughing. She couldn’t help it.

“I’ll have you know” one of the suit dressed men said before being interrupted by the beep of the elevator.

“I would love to stay in chat, but I have a pool to party in” Tori said before running after Issac.

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