Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


13. Tuxedos

“Hey, so I have a question” Tori spoke to the phone.

    “Well, if you have a question I have an answer” Issac retorted.

    “So, my favorite cousin is getting married, she asked me to be a bridesmaid, but she said that all of her bridesmaids were required to bring a date” Tori informed.

    “Tell him if he comes he can be a groomsmen” Linda whisper yelled in the background.

    “So you want me to go with you to her wedding” Issac asked?

    Before Tori could answer Linda stole the phone, “Yes, she wants you to come and I want you to as well, you interest me boy. Also I want you to be a groomsmen and walk with Tori. This is the bride by the way”.

    Issac was slightly shocked, but the thought of being able to be with Tori was exciting. “Well, who am I to turn down a bride's request” Issac accepted.

    Linda handed the phone back to Tori, “So you're going” she asked?

    “Of course”
    “Awesome I will text you some details but you should come to the Jorama Hotel sometime today. Tell them you are here for the Ortega wedding and you need to see Tori, they’ll bring you to me”

    “Awesome, be there soon”

“Great” she smiled.

“Where is he, he said he was on his way” Tori concerned.

“I’m here I’m here” Issac yelled as he trotted into the lobby.

“Damn, he’s fineee” Emma and Juliet said in unison. Tori shot them a look of back off he’s mine and they just started whistling. She rolled her eyes and turned around to see Issac standing right behind her.

“Woah, hi” she laughed.

“Sorry, I got lost trying to get here, it’s like the Upper East Side in New York” Issac retorted.

“Yeah, downtown Topeka can get kinda confusing. You spent time on the Upper East Side” Tori asked?

“Yeah, before we moved back to London, my Dad had a job transfer to New York, when he got sick we went back to London and then my Mom got a transfer here” he explained.

“Oh, did you meet Blair Waldorf while you were up there” she retorted.

“Yeah, she’s one nasty person, but her and Chuck, they are OTP” he teased. Tori a lot surprised that the boy she was starting to like watched ‘Gossip Girl’. To calm her down he started laughing and she joined in nervously.

“So this is the Issac Galmen” Linda walked up and spoke, reminding her of a snake.

“You must be Linda, congratulations. So, Tori said it was urgent that I get down here to be fitted for my tux” Issac inquired.

“Issac Galmen is that you” Cory spoke as he walked into the lobby?

“Cory Hunters is that you” Issac replied.

“No way” they spoke in unison.

“What’s up man, we haven’t seen each other since New York, I heard about your Dad, so sorry man”

“What are you doing here Hunters, we haven't talked in years”

“Well, I’m getting married to that conniving lady over there so we can carry out our schemes for life” Cory informed.

“You know it” Linda shouted.

“You have to be in the wedding party” Cory declared.

“He already is, Linda said I had to bring a date to the wedding and I asked Galmen. Linda, in a plot to convince him, said that he could be in the wedding party if he came” Tori explained.

“Well, let’s go get you a tux” Cory proclaimed!


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