Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


19. Single Ladies Part 2

    “She asked how your mother let you wear that bikini, how your grades are, and then who you brought to the wedding” Juliet informed.

    “Oh, well, she dosen’t know I have it, all A’s, and a boy named Issac Galmen”

    “I hope they are all at least two-hundred percents. To bad I didn’t hear a Vanderbilt or Du Pont behind that name, I always thought you would make a good Victoria Vanderbilt, or Victoria Du Pont” Henrita stated at her disgust of someone who was not high society.

    “Well Grandma, you didn’t marry any old money either. Was it because you were to bitchy, or because you just aren’t classy enough” Tori thought in her head. Instead she spoke, “well, grandma, just because they aren’t from old money doesn’t mean they aren’t just as nice”.

    Their Grandma was a snooty bitch stuck in the 1940’s who thought that woman's only value was making her man feel good, cooking, cleaning, planning parties, and having kids. Their Grandfather died when he was with another woman. Their Grandma said it was her fault that he cheated on her because she “didn’t make him feel right and you need to learn from my mistakes.”

    Finally she walked off to go check in and Tori walked (feelings injured) off with the girls.

    They had been in the hot tub for about two and a half hours when one of the boys came in and told us “get out of the pool we have to go to the hospital now”.

    “What happened” Linda asked?

    “I’ll explain on the way, hurry up”

    They all rushed to get out of the pool and throw on some clothes. Issac had showed up making Tori feel better that it wasn’t him they all had to rush to the hospital for. Soon they all got into a limo and were driving to the hospital.

    “Why are we going to the hospital” Linda asked?

    “Well, apparently last night when we were all out someone slipped something in his drink or something. He passed out this morning and we couldn’t wake him up. He told us to not get you because he thought he was gonna be fine. Then he we got a text that he had called 911 and was on his way to the hospital”

    “So Cory is in the hospital” Linda asked in disbelief?


    The whole ride there after that was silent. Everyone was shocked. “What happened to him, he was always so careful” Juliet said.

    Tori had no clue what had happened. Her and Issac had been in a pool when his drink or something would have been spiked. Issac saw that she was quite concerned and moved over to her. He grabbed her and held her. She let him.

    Cory knew what happened in New York. He was the one that pulled him back from the dark place he was in. He tensed up a little bit, Tori felt it.

    “Are you okay” she whispered?

    “Yea” he tried to convince. She didn’t believe him and hugged him closer. He was slightly relived.

    They got to the hospital to find Cory in a room. He was knocked out. They had to post-pone the wedding. Linda was in shock. He was gonna be okay. They all sat in the waiting room.

    “You guys should go home or back to the hotel, you’ve been here forever and it doesn’t look like he’s coming out anytime soon” Linda said.

    “You sure” Tori asked?


    “If anything changes call us. We are gonna go to the hotel” Issac said.

    “I will but it doesn’t look like anything is gonna happen soon”. They gave Linda a hug then walked off to go call a cab. Even though they were in Topeka they had a cab service.

    “Hi, this is Tori Ortega I need to get a cab to The Jorama Hotel” she spoke then listened. “Okay thank you” she said before hanging up the phone. “They’ll be here in 10”

    They sat on the bench outside the hospital in silence. Tori (once again) using him as a pillow. The cab rolled up and they got in. They were quiet the entire ride there.



A/N SO sorry it took so long to get this. It is extra long but kinda crap. I wanna get back to the pony and not have this wedding take forever. So here you are part 2 of Single Ladies!

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