Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


15. Pool Party

    “Catch me if you can” Issac shouted as he ran towards the pool, ignoring the fact that there was a glass door straight ahead of him.

    “Issac, wai-” Tori tried to warn, but it was to late, for Issac ran straight into the glass door.

    Tori ran to help him up and saw that he was laying there laughing, trying to look cool.

    “Smooth Galmen, smooth. Now let me help you up”

    She helped him get up then he opened the door for her and let her walk in.

    “So do you wanna start in the-” Issac asked as he heard a splash near the deep end. Then a splash land on him as he was squirted with some sort of water gun.

    “Oh, it’s on Ortega. It’s on” Issac declared as he ran and then cannonballed into the deep end, water gun in hand.

    “Come at me Galmen, catch me if you can” Tori challenged.

    “Oh, I’m coming for you” he warned dashing towards her. Before he got to her she jumped to the side and he dove into water. She died laughing and continued to pull the same tricks until he caught on. When he finally got smart about it she changed her tactics and started going under. She had always excelled in underwater swimming so diving underwater then swimming away was a specialty of hers.

    He almost caught her again.

    “Dablat Ortega” he declared.

    “It’s not my fault you can’t catch me” she taunted.

    “Hmph, truths” he questioned?

    “Truths, to seal the deal we shall splash each other”

    “One” they walked closer.

    “Two” they walked even closer.

    “Three” they walked even closer. (Now in a normal story, this would be the part where they glanced into each other's eyes and fiercely made out, then things lead to things and yada yada yada).

    They splashed each other with all the water they could muster.

    “I think I’m gonna back float and relax” Tori stated.

    “Kay” Issac said, realizing the moment for his revenge had arrived. He let her back float for a moment then quietly swam/walked over to her and picked her up, threw her in the water.

    “I knew you were gonna try that” she laughed.

    “Well, I have to get you back somehow” Issac stated mischievously.

    “Like I like to say, revenge is a dish best served with a knife as sharp as Chuck Bass’s jawline” Tori countered.

    “What do you mean” he asked?

    “I mean this” Tori said before splashing him then diving underwater and grabbing his feet out from under him.

    “Well done Ortega, well done”

    After about an hour of sneak attacks they finally got out of the hotel pool and went up to their rooms. They both showered and then hung out in Issac’s room. They ordered room service whilst watching T.V. and playing monopoly.

    “This is the first time I’ve ever played this game” Tori informed.

    “Really? I thought americans played this all the time” Issac inquired.

    “Not me, my Mom played it with Cora but I wasn’t invited. I heard Cora downstairs asking about me but Harriet said that I wouldn’t wanna play with her”

    “Your Mom, I swear” Issac spoke, not believing the rudeness she had endured at the hand of her own Mother.

    “Ha, I win” Tori taunted.

    “No, let me pull out the rules” Issac said in disbelief.

    “No see I won” Tori laughed.

    “No” Issac screamed in defeat.

    They put away the game before a fight broke out about how Tori had one. They started watching a movie but before it finished, the duo fell asleep, in the same hotel room.

A/N, so yea, I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I would again like to apologize for how long it has taken me to get some of these chapters up, but I promise I am doing my best to write at least a chapter a day and not make it cliche filled. Now on an interesting note, I wanted to write about Tori’s cousin getting married, so I kinda based it off my cousin's wedding. As I write this, I realized that today is my cousin's 2 year wedding anniversary.

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