Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


3. Flirtcraft


Tori started to turn to walk away when she heard the boy say “what's your name”.

She was shocked, had this boy (who she just started to think was really really attractive) just asked for her name. She realized she hadn’t answered when he waved his hand in front of her face.

“Oh sorry, Tori, Tori Ortega. Yours” she asked?

“Should I tell a beautiful girl that knocked my books out of my hands my name” he said trying to be smooth.

“Well I don’t see any beautiful girls here, but you could tell me your name” she said trying not to be awkward.

“I see a beautiful girl, she's standing right in front of me” he said. Tori looked behind her to see if there was any other person behind her. The quad was empty. She started blushing and finally got out of her mouth

“just tell me your name”! “Issac, Issac Galmen” he finally replied. Tori smiled and then started to say something, but just as she opened her mouth the bell rang. The 2 disappeared into the crowd within seconds.


Tori met Jess outside of D building. She forgot to mention the fact that she had just had a conversation with one of the most attractive people she had ever seen and he called her beautiful.  She had an almost glow about her but no one seemed to notice.

When Tori and Jess got to their class they sat down in the back like they usually did. Tori had opened up her notebook and started doodling in it. She didn’t look up until Jess elbowed her in the ribs. There standing at the front of the room was Issac. Issac was standing there looking directly at her smiling and blushing. He stopped as soon as he saw Tori lookup.

Tori’s checks were a bright shade of pink, and she had a smile on her face that stretched from 1 check to another.

“Spill, NOW” Jess demanded.

Before Tori could say anything else the teacher walked into the class and told everyone to take their seats.

“Who are you” she asked Issac.

“The new foreign-exchange student from britain” Issac stated.

“Ooh, not gonna try to steal our land again right” he asked trying to be funny.

“Ummm, no” Issac replied slightly offended.

Mr. Henry just told him to go take a seat.

“Where” Issac asked.

“Umm” he said while pulling out his seating chart “there's an open seat next to Victoria in the back”.

Tori looked up at Issac who was making his way to the back. He sat down next to her and whispered

“well aren’t I lucky, I get sat next to the prettiest girl in class”. Before Tori could object Mr. Henry started to teach the history of the colonies.


After class, Tori tried to avoid Jess and her questions and was successful, however she wasn’t successful at avoiding Issac.

“Your smart” Issac said.

“Thanks but not really” she replied.

“Well you're smarter than I am” he retorted.

“I’m really not that smart, I mean yeah I am one of the few juniors that are taking calculus” Tori stated trying to not be full of herself.

“I’m a senior and you're getting questions right that I couldn’t even start to answer” he said.

“Can you not, I’m right here” they heard Jess say. They both started to blush and they finally parted ways.

“What was that” Jess asked?

“We were just talking” Tori replied grinning.

“Ummm, no, he was flirting with you and you were flirting back” Jess insisted.

“We just met each other today, there’s no way he would be flirting with me anyway” Tori said, the smile draining off her face.

“HE CALLED YOU PRETTY” Jess yelled at her.

“I bet he calls every girl beautiful. Besides even if he was flirting with me, it’s not like he would date me. He’s a senior and I’m a junior. Even after that my parents would flip. You're dating who? Why are you dating a british kid? They think it's bad enough I’m friends with you” she mocked.

Jess gave her the look of I know but it would be so awesome if you guys dated. Tori shot her a knowing look before turning and disappearing into C building.



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