Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


10. Boys

    Tori rolled up to Jess’s house later than usual the next morning. Jess was sitting outside waiting on the curb for her when she drove up.

    “And you say I’m late” Jess argued.

    “It’s not my fault, I was up late with a” she trailed off. She had revealed too much, “let the trial begin” she thought.

    “Wait, what? Did you just almost say what I think you almost said” she tried.

    “I was up late with no one, doing nothing” Tori lied.

    “No fucking way. You, Victoria Katelyn Ortega had someone over late, that wasn’t me” Jess questioned.

Tori tried to not reply but it all burst out at once. “Okay, so it all started after I went home last night from the barn and my mom was mad because I was late cause I found this new horse who I will tell you about later but, we were gonna have dinner with the Galmen’s and at first it didn’t register to me that Issac Galmen was a Galmen, you know until he walked in my door. Then him and my mom got into a mini fight, then his mom and mine got in a big fight and they left. But Issac left his jacket so he came back to get it and heard my mom screaming at me and he waited hours to see if I was ok and snuck in my window then stayed till one-thirty in the morning”.

“Damn” Jess said, “He so likes you”.

“Did I mention my Dad knew he was there” Tori asked catching her breath.

“You have one messed up family” Jess retorted.

Upon arriving at school the girls drove up upon a large group of boys standing near her parking spot. She pulled into her usual spot, a little reluctant due to the group of boys near.

“Why do you think the ‘Popular Kids’ are over here” Tori asked.

“I don’t know, but that one, the one in the center, he’s cute” Jess said pointing. Tori looked up to see Issac standing in the middle of the ‘Popular Kids’. Slightly disappointed she got out of the car and started to walk off to class.

    “I waved at you” Tori heard from behind her, startling her.

    “Shhhh, the lighting here is perfect” she said to Issac. He held still so she could finish taking the picture. She then turned and shot a picture of him.

    “Really, was that necessary” he asked?

    “Yes, it is one-hundred percent necessary” she teased, taking another photo.

    “Let me see that” Issac said, grabbing her camera.

    “No, give it back. What are you doing? No no no do not take a picture of me” she said throwing her hands up laughing.

“To late” Issac teased. They started laughing.

“Mr. Galmen and Ms. Ortega, I believe you have somewhere to be other than Flirtville” they heard Ms. Parker say. Issac’s face went white. Tori started laughing and when she saw Issac started laughing even more.

“Calm down, she’s a jokester” Tori teased. Issac started laughing nervously, which made Tori, once again, laugh.

Ms. Parker walked off to her classroom laughing and smiling. Issac stood next to Tori as she finished snapping pictures of trees and leaves.

“Done” Tori announced, “so you waved at me”?

“Yes, and you did not even acknowledge me” Issac said sounding like a stubborn 3 year old whilst crossing his arms.

“Well I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. Where were you” she asked not remembering that she had seen him?

“I was in the big group of boys” he said.

Suddenly her face turned white and the world turned black.


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