Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


23. Boy at the Barn

    After singing countless songs that had rolled into their ears and off their tongues, they drove on into the barn.

    “This is it” Issac asked in disbelief.

    “My humble home” Tori replied at the 640 acre farm.

    “How far does it stretch” Issac asked?

    “Well this is about 50 acres of it and it stretches on for about 590 more”


    “Yeah, oh Luke is already here. Good” she said. They walked into the barn to see the palimino pony on cross ties.

    “Well hi there buttercup, I’m sorry I haven’t been out to see you yet. Life got very busy” Tori talked to the horse.

    “You do know that horses can’t talk back to you right honey” she heard Luke from behind.

    “Oh but that keeps them from making the bitchy comments you make” Tori replied with more sass than Issac had ever heard her speak with. Issac was taken back by the tall brunet boy that spoke with several layered accents.

    “So this is the famous Issac” Luke said quietly.

    “Shut up”

    “I approve, if he was gay then I might date him. Does he have an accent”?

    “Hey Issac” Tori shouted.

    “Yes” he replied with a thick accent. Luke shot her a look.

    “Here are a pair of my breeches. Missy Moo her didn’t give me your approximate size so they might not be a great fit” Luke stated. Issac was confused so was just shook his head.

    “They are pants. You put them on so you don’t hurt as bad tomorrow” Tori retorted.

    “I guess I should go put these on” Issac said.

    “I guess”

    “He’s not doing to good” Luke said as he pulled up next to Genovia and Tori.

    “I know. I think he’s scared. Wait hold up, what’s he doing” Tori said terrified at the sight of Hunter galloping forward. She sprung into action (grateful for the time that she had spent practicing barrel racing over the summer). She matched pace with Hunter easily and grabbed the reins and Issac just before he fell. The tangle of hooves would have been perilous if fallen into. Issac gripped onto Tori for dear life. Trying with all her might Tori stayed still and helped Issac get a grip. He got one but Tori lost hold off Hunters reins. Luckily Luke had galloped over to save the horse. Hunter slowing down as Luke and Roscoe grabbed his reins.

    “Quite the fall” Tori retorted.

    “ I almost died”

    “Hunter is dead in his sides so he must have spooked”

    “Yeah. Right before I think there was a deer or something that rustled in the trees”

    “Sorry. Are you okay at least”

    “Yeah, I banged my elbow on the fence but it’s fine”

    “Good, wanna ride with me for a bit”

    “Yeah, sure”

    Tori and Issac rode for a bit. Luke had taken Roscoe and Hunter back to the barn so it was just them for a bit.

    “That palomino sure is pretty” Issac said.

    “What” Tori said turning her head to see Luke bringing down the mare. “What are you doing” she asked?

    “I am bringing you your project, now give me Gen and I will take her up” Luke said.

    “Thanks” she said when he got down and handed her the reins. Tori tried to get up onto the tall mare but even though she was 5’8 she couldn’t.

    “Here” Issac said as he rushed over to help her up.

    “Take my foot and on 3 give me a big push up. Okay”

    “1, 2, 3” and she was up. The mare got skirmish underneath her but Tori kept a nice balance. She put the mare into a walk and she calmed down.


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