Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


6. Backyardigans


    Tori’s mouth dropped. In her house, was the gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed, tall, dreamy, Issac Galmen. Before Tori could react her mother started talking to Mrs. Galmen,

“We are so happy to have you here for dinner. I’ve prepared my best meal, chicken parmigiana” she said in one of the fakest voices she had ever heard her mom talk in.

“That sounds lovely” said Mrs. Galmen.

“Victoria, don’t be rude. Take the Galmen’s coats” her mother barked at her.

She replied very quickly “yes mother”.

Tori collected Mrs. Galmen and the little girls jacket, but Issac (who was still a little in awe that this was the girl’s house) refused to give it to her reasoning that

“it is not kind to let the women do all the work”.

“Oh Issac, Tori would be glad to take your coats. Please give her your coat” Tori’s mother said.

“I will just have her show me where to take them” Issac replied giving Tori’s mother a bright smile. Tori had to stop from burst out laughing.

Tori just turned and started walking towards the hall closet. Issac followed close behind and ran to catch up with Tori.

“Your mom, she’s interesting” Issac said trying to be polite.

“I just try to stay out of her way really. She just tells me when she needs something and what she needs” stated Tori.

“That’s sad, me and my parents were all so close, until my Dad passed away from cancer 2 years ago, but me and my mom are still close” Issac said.

“I’m so sorry, I haven’t lost anyone, yet, but I can’t imagine how hard that was” Tori said trying not to sound like a normal person when they heard someone’s Dad died from cancer.

“It’s fine, it still hurts but I know he’s not in pain anymore and that’s what matters to me” Issac said, instantly making Tori feel a lot better about the cliche thing she had just said.

    They finally rounded the corner to get to the hall closet when Tori tripped over her own 2 feet. She almost fell down but Issac caught her and kept her from falling down and hitting her head.

“You okay” Issac asked?

“Yea, thanks for catching me, I do that a lot” she said.

They got to the hall closet and opened up the doors into, Tori grabbed out 3 hangers and put 2 of the coats on hangers and Issac put his on a hanger and then hung his up next to his little sisters. They both walked back to the entry room laughing and giggling.

They walked into the entry room to see Cora and Sofia (who Tori had learned was Issac's 5 year old sister) were running around playing tag.

“Cora” “Sofia” Issac and Tori called at the same time.

They started laughing and then the girls came over and stood in front of their older siblings.

“Tori this is Sophia, my 5 year old little sibling who believes she is related to mermaids and when she turns 18 will become a mermaid” Issac introduced.

“Issac this is Cora my 5 year old little sibling who believes when she turns 18 a frog will hop through her window and if she kisses it it will become a prince and she will be a princess” Tori introduced.

Cora and Sophia both ran off up to Cora’s room for who knows what reason. Tori took Issac to her favorite part of the house, the backyard.

    “It’s gorgeous” Issac said in awe.

He looked around at all of the twinkly lights and flowers and the slow moving little stream. He thought it was all gorgeous, the trees, the stream, the colors, the girl.

“My mom doesn't use it much. She only uses it when there is some big party she is hosting or when she is trying to act like a normal human. She usually ends up getting mad because there end up being bugs in her lipstick and she always gets bitten” Tori explained “I come out here a lot to escape, especially when my parents are fighting, which is about 7 O’clock every evening”.

Issac felt so much sympathy for her. She seemed so nice and was so beautiful without all the makeup and the hair, but she lead this life where she was scared to live in her own house.

    “Dinner” they heard Harriet yell from inside.

Tori turned to walk when he saw a leaf fly into her hair.

“Wait” Issac yelled after her.

She stopped and turned on her heel. He reached over and grabbed the leaf out of her hair. She smiled, then she tripped over her feet and fell onto Issac Galmen.


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