Tori Ortega was ordinary. She didn't ask for much, even though her parents could have bought the moon. She didn't ask for a boyfriend or really mess around with boys, until Issac. She didn't ask for any of what happened to her to happen to her, but once one bad thing happens, it spirals out of control.


22. Authors Note


It's me and guess what and I"M NOT DEAD. I have been really busy and there has been some personal stuff going on lately so I took a WAYYYYYYYYY to long break from writing this. Idk if you know but I have my other book as to which I have posted on explaining some stuff but you know its good. Anyway I have started writing (becuase I haven't even written in this since January) the next chapter and hope ya'll like it. It will probably be posted some time over spring break. Have a good day and I hope that I get the chapter up soon! THANKS YA'LL! Peace out girl scouts (or boy scouts idk)

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