1. Chapter 1

Kelly's Pov

My legs were turning to jelly but I could not stop running it felt as it had been hours yet it had only been minutes but I couldn't stop he was right behind me and I could not get that sickening smile out of my head that smile that had been plastered on his face as the knife was dug into my skin. It made me sick just thinking about it. I felt myself slow down "no no no" i thought to myself then suddenly I saw a car with a man getting inside I hurried and jumped into the car and yelled drive with no questions asked he did as he was told. At some point during the ride I must have past out because I later awake with screaming muscles and a headache. The room I was in was unfamiliar. Soon a man walked in a I quickly pretended to be asleep. The man stood there for a few moments before saying "I know you're awake and it would be easier on both of us if you stopped pretending to be asleep" I opened my eyes and glared at him because I had actually started to fall back asleep, but the glare quickly subsided when I saw him the man was beautiful with a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, mint green eyes with a pale shade of blue around them, and sandy blonde hair. I was dumbfounded , but when I got up I soon fell down hitting my head and falling into a dreamless sleep.

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