Every 700 Years...

Every 700 years something strange happens in a large woodland surrounding the small village of Oakfeilds. the townsfolk consider it to be a myth, until one day when three 15 year old girls, Tilly, Lottie and Jasmin, venture in. But will they ever come out alive?


2. Trapped but not alone...

The forest was not totally dark, actually it was quite attractive. The sun shone through the trees but no birds were singing. Tilly and Lottie layed their backs against the large oak constantly chatting about how dim they were to walk into this forest.

Meanwhile someone watched them, eying up their every move. His cloak, which covered his whole body, swayed gently in the breeze. In his right hand he held a large twisted stick and on the top was a midnight blue stone attached by a strong wrap of wood which curled around the stone then looped back down again.

Jasmin was not part of Tilly and lottie's conversation, normally she wasn't anyway, she by far preferred exploring her surroundings. It came to her as an utter shock when she bumped into something and looked around her only to find that nothing was there. She got up and tried again but kept falling down,"urm, guys something is very wrong here,"she explained,"look come here and i'll show you!"

Tilly and Lottie pulled themselves up with an unrelated sigh of effort. "Stand here and walk forwards," demanded jasmine,

"You know that walking is normal rig-" Tilly couldn't finish her sentence because by that time she had just fallen over.

"Oh my goodness!" Lottie exclaimed,"what happened there!"

"I suspect it is some kind of barrier, like we have to do something to release the barrier"

Suddenly the thought hit them all, they were trapped with no way out.

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