Every 700 Years...

Every 700 years something strange happens in a large woodland surrounding the small village of Oakfeilds. the townsfolk consider it to be a myth, until one day when three 15 year old girls, Tilly, Lottie and Jasmin, venture in. But will they ever come out alive?


4. The creatures ...

Tilly and Lottie stood there. Speechless. Jasmin screamed, they could see that she was screaming but they could not hear her. Which was worrying. Very worrying. But they couldn't help her and they knew it. Of corse they tried so, so hard to save their best friend. By now Lottie had accepted the fact that jasmine was well and truly lost so she began to cry. Her eyes stung and the water was blurring her vision. But Tilly was different, she was someone who just couldn't leave jasmine, she wouldn't accept the fact that she couldn't get back. The event that happened next was almost a miracle. It had happened for a reason.

All of a sudden a small black and white goat, which would of been cute if it did not have evil red eyes appeared from behind the terrified jasmin. The goat started to charge towards her, it's small horns pointed straight at her. The small goat barged her more and more towards the barrier.

Out of the corner of her sea blue eye Tilly saw a mesmerising buzzard. She stared in awe but soon realised that it was heading for jasmin. "Jasmin lookout" she screeched as load as she could. Jasmin looked and the owl clung on to her hair dragging her into the barrier.

To top it all of a small red squirrel crawled surreptitiously up her shirt. Suddenly jasmin felt a sharp, piercing pain in her side, that was what saved her.

As soon as jasmine got back through the barrier she fell on the floor in disbelief. Did that really just happen?

"JASMINE!, you're okay!!" Lottie smiled as she carefully perched herself next to jasmine.

"Jas are you okay? you almost died!" Tilly gasped

"I'm fine thanks guys, I am so glad I got back in here!"she replied thankfully.

The small red squirrel emerged from her t-shirt and gazed up at jasmine. " Awww, he is so adorable, can i keep him?"

"Only if I can keep that cool buzzard!" Tilly joked, but as she said it the big bird flew to her shoulder, as if he understood her.

" I am glad you guys chose the squirrel and the buzzard because I wanted the goat!" Lottie laughed

She stood up," you don't think he will need to be lead do you?" She inquired

" I shouldn't think so, why don't you walk around and see if he follows?" Jasmine suggested and Tilly nodded in agreement and sure the goat did follow. Also it tried to eat lottie's long blonde hair, which was neatly swept into a high pony tail.

All the animals trusted them.

"Mines called star!" Tilly called out.

" Mines called bramble!" Lottie called in return, then they waited for jasmines reply,

" And mines called... Reem!" she shouted in proudly.

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