Every 700 Years...

Every 700 years something strange happens in a large woodland surrounding the small village of Oakfeilds. the townsfolk consider it to be a myth, until one day when three 15 year old girls, Tilly, Lottie and Jasmin, venture in. But will they ever come out alive?


5. The Cloak Walker...

Once they had come out of the clearing, where the traumatic experience took place, they all walked along a small dusty path (if you could call it that) Tilly trekked along behind the other two looking at all the nature and gently petting her striking buzzard, Star.

Suddenly a twig snapped behind her and a bush shook. Tilly swung around viciously, her eyes glued to the bush. "guys there is definitely something wrong here," she said with a nervous, wobbly voice.

Lottie and jasmin tiki turned around quickly and both looked horrified.

"Guys... what's wrong...?" Tilly exclaimed,

"Tilly run!!!" Jasmin mine shouted as loud as she could.

Behind Tilly was a man in a long cloak, he was hunched over and held a long stick with an entwined blue stone. it was held on by lots of little vines. his hands were almost white and they had huge purple, pulsing Bains on them that were so big they could almost explode.

His boney hand and made a sudden grasp for her shoulder. she tried to bat his hand away but he tightly grasped her wrist in a deathly lock.

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