Every 700 Years...

Every 700 years something strange happens in a large woodland surrounding the small village of Oakfeilds. the townsfolk consider it to be a myth, until one day when three 15 year old girls, Tilly, Lottie and Jasmin, venture in. But will they ever come out alive?


1. Realising the mistake...

A faint scream rang out as it echoed through the dense forest. A twig snapped behind the three huddled girls and bushes rustled, but they tried to ignore it. They constantly felt as if they were being watched by someone, or even something.

"Damn my sense of curiosity and adventure!"cursed Jasmin as quietly as she possibly could.

"Do you guys even know where we are?" queried Lottie in a trembling tone.

"What do you think?" replied Tilly sarcastically, "if we knew where we were then we wouldn't be here!"

The three girls cautiously went deeper into the dense forest until they found a small clearing. They rested their school rucksacks against a large oak tree and decided to sit down for a while, to stop their legs from aching anymore than they already did.

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