Every 700 Years...

Every 700 years something strange happens in a large woodland surrounding the small village of Oakfeilds. the townsfolk consider it to be a myth, until one day when three 15 year old girls, Tilly, Lottie and Jasmin, venture in. But will they ever come out alive?


6. Black out...

Tilly found herself being roughly

dragged away, she tried to scream as loud as she could but no noise would come out of her suddenly parched lips. His boney fingers dug into her collarbone and she was almost certain he had drawn blood.

Tilly's clothes suddenly felt tightly drawn to her body, her black leggings which at the knees were covered in mud) were suffocating her legs. Her tight , black, strappy vest top became even tighter . Her rather thin, sky blue jumper ,which was usually baggy and had sleeves that reached her knuckles, was unexplainably tight. Her fluffy Parker suddenly turned horribly hot and gave her a suffocating feeling so she gasped for air. Her chest heaving, it was like there was no air in the room.

That was probably why she could not speak, or scream for that matter, she thought.

Immediately after her 'logical' thinking everything went pitch black. Tilly screamed and protested but her arms and legs would not move.

It felt like she was being cocooned in a huge black blanket and wrapped up so tightly that she found it a mission to even breathe.

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