Behind the Reflection

Please only read this story if you are twelve or over. It is quite creepy, and is my first thriller story. Tell me what you think!


2. Water Charges will be High

  I was posting selfies on Instagram when I heard something dropping with a plop in the kitchen.

  plop plop plop.

  Reluctantly, I got up and walked into the kitchen.

  The tap was dripping, and strangely, the taps were twisted so that they were on. But they were never like that before.

  I sighed and went over to turn them off. When I did, I was walking back to the door when they began to drip again.

  I went over again, the taps had twisted themselves again.

  This was creepy. I turned them off again, and watched. Quickly, they twisted back.

  I screamed and jumped back. They turned off, and then one of them turned on again. I tried to take a video of this on my phone to send to Lexi, but, when I held up my phone, the taps turned off.

  I was now really scared, and tried to text Lexi about this, when my battery, which was full, sunk down to red, stayed red for three seconds and then went out of battery.

  The taps turned on again.

  I ran to the cupboard, and took out a pan, I stuck it in the sink, and then the taps turned off again. I went to close the cupboard, and when I did, They instantly opened again. The pan fell from the sink, bounced on the ground twice, then jumped into the cupboard.

  I ran out of the kitchen screaming and tried to get to the front door. The couch slid in my way, and I climbed over it. I ran for the door. The couch meanwhile, rose from the ground, hovered on top of me, then fell. I just managed to jump out of the way. The Glass Ghost was after... me.

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